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    Alright heres a recipes of my baked goods:) Anything that says butter you can replace with cannabutter (which is what I do) so basically these are just recipes of cookies ect, I've tried these all out without cannabutter and with (yes I eat stuff without cannabutter) so don't be afriad to try!

    Cake on a stick (personally on of my fav's because its soooo fun to do and easy!)
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    Ok first off you're going to get a few simple things
    Cake mix (I usually use betty crocker super moist)
    A can of frosting (whatever you like )
    Melting chocolate (I use an almond bark, but you can use whatever bakers choice ect)
    Long sticks
    And Sprinkles!!!!!!!!

    1. Now mix your cake with your mixer where it says to add butter use cannabutter or you can substitute the oil for canna oil youre choice.
    Now bake the cake to the directions as follows on the box
    2.Wait until the cake is cooled and destroy it....yes DESTROYYYYY with a fork or you may use a food processor , a fork works just as fine and less clean up
    3. place all the fucked up cake into a mixing bowl
    4.Now add the frosting I usually use about half the frosting in the can
    5.After combining the cake and frosting it formed a ball of dough so to speak. I think some people chill the dough, but you can go straight ahead and form little balls I'd say the size of a Swedish meatball.
    6. now melt your chocolate (if you don't know how to melt chocolate I'll post a video
    Okay I use two sauce pans instead of a clear one but you get the idea.
    7. Now dip your stick into the melted chocolate as it's easier to drip the balls later
    8. stick the sticks into the balls
    9.Stick the cake balls into the fridge for a few hours
    10.Now dip the balls into the melted chocolate and roll into the sprinkles place on a baking sheet or a plate to dry and you got it.
    Should look something like this:
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    NOTE: when you're buying melting chocolate I don't mean a herseys bar, it has to be melting chocolate go to a bulk barn or someplace that sells spices ect.
    And there ya have it! Food on a stick easy portable, and makes you happy:)

    I'll be adding more just going to make something to eat right now
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    gioua Well-Known Member

    nice idea.. I am slowly gettin back into using cannaoil.. I have toyed around with the methods and seem to have one that works ok with me so far. My only complaint this far is potency I have to eat 4-5 cookies (or other item with canna oil) I am not sure but it seems like with canna oil I need 5 g + to work on me... isnt that way higher then avg? I hate those folks who eat .25 and are lit for 6 hours + ok.. more jealous then hate.. but the butter is never potent enuf or it'a potent and ends up tasting like a brick of mj

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    i hear yeah, i think it just depends on your tolerance.

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    Heres an update!:)

    Stuffed chicken. (this is not a canna recipe )

    (serves 2)
    2 skinless boneless chicken breasts.
    2 cups spinach
    Extra Virgin olive oil
    Asaigo Cheese

    first I butterfly the chicken,
    cut width wise into the chicken without cutting it all the way open the chicken (kinda like a book lol!) and pound with a meat mallet,
    (if you do not own a meat mallet, place kitchen plastic wrap over chicken and pound with the flat side of your kitchen blade)
    pound to thin, make sure you dont create holes.

    wash hands
    next youre going to put the spinach and evoo ( add more when you need it)
    and blend together with a food processor or magic bullet or blender whatever youre choice
    add cheese, and garlic powder or freshly chopped garlic
    make sure its a thick chunky mixture (dont do it too liquidy)
    spoon mixture onto chicken wrap chicken together and wrap turkey bacon, bacon or proscuitto around and secure with toothpicks
    (i usually use proscuitto)
    oil baking dish, place at 350 for 45 mins
    Sunnis side dish!

    asparagus bundle
    cut off ends of asparagus
    place in water in a pot and cook until BRIGHT GREEN
    place the asparagus really fast into an ice bath
    (bowl of water with icecubes you must do this very quickly!!!)
    let the veggies cool
    once cool place veggies on baking tray add
    balasamic dressing (i use a thick kind but the salad dressing is just fine)
    sprinkle with freshly minced garlic or garlic powder. and some salt and pepper to taste.
    and bake for about 10-15 mins at 350
    I usually put it in 10-15 mins before the chicken is ready

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    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    Sounds delicious

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    Baked Eggs In Bread Bowls:

    Slice tops off bread rolls ( i used bigger homemade ones from a bakery) take out some of the bread
    crack the egg place inside.
    salt & pepper to taste, grated parm cheese and some basil.
    Bake at 350 for 20 -25 mins at the last five mins, put the tops on the pan to allow them to crust.
    Serve hot! & with bacon!
    Just tried this for my sunday morning breakfast and damn it was good
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    kmksrh21 Well-Known Member

    Looks delicious! Nice job sunni!

    I'm gettin' ready to bake a shit load of cookies for christmas for my family and the Mrs. family.
    They love my cookies!!!


    We got chocolate chip w/ walnut, butterscotch w/ pecan, white chocolate chip, and reese's peanut butter chips w/ m&m's. :bigjoint:

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    jesu sunni, when ever are you gonna come over and cook me up some of those egg's?? i'll even help, not that i'm much help, but i'll do what i can and try and stay out of your way, lol..
    now i know why i hardly ever come over to the cooking section of this site... shit's making me mad hungry, lol... looking good though imo..
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    wow LOOKS GREAT!
    For my family baking this year im making chocolate dipping spoons, andpepperment bark, and then im doing mason jars with the cooking stuff in it (without wet ingredients) wrap apretty bow around it and a card for the way to mix it!
    and those are my gifts and of COURSE ill be showing you guys.

    hehehe thanks very much! I really enjoy cooking and baking

    fumble Well-Known Member

    Killer ideas you've got there Sunni. I love the cake pops. I am doing the same with my salted caramel buttercream frosting and white cake.
    I have done candy as gifts for the past couple of years and will be doing the same this year.

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

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    Sunnis capcrazy salad! (teehee)

    roma tomato
    fresh mozzarella cheese
    and balsamic reduction sauce
    you can make your own, or buy it for about 3$ out of abottle. (this sauce is store bought)
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    slice the tomato vertical but do not cut all the way through
    slice mozza, and grab basil leaves and stick them into the tomato openings, drizzle balsamic sauce ontop i like to add some fresh sea salt or coarse salt.
    its really simple but youd be surprised at how fresh this salad tastes

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    what do you do with the mozz sunni?? do you simply put a slice down inside of the sliced tomato, or just drape it over the top of it?? sounds good though, can't wait to get some fresh matter's out of my garden, and of course i got some basil going as well.. :)

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    sorry you put the sliced mozza and a basil leaf inside the part of the tomato you cut

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    that's what i had thought, just wasn't sure, sounds yummy.. :)

    scumsucka Member

    MMM I like this thread. I love to cook! I sometimes get stoned and just sit for like an hour thinking of what I'm gonna make. Then I smoke some more and get to work.bongsmilie

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

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    Sunnis green bean bundles
    ive seen multiple recipes for these but i like mine the best!
    so i take long green beans (the french kind) and i take off the ends of both sides
    i do a little blanch in boiling water to get there color up nice and green (about 1-3 mins) then i put them right in an ice bath
    i take a stainless steel bowl with ice and push the beans in there so it stops the cooking process
    then i line a cookie sheet or baking pan (glass) with tin foil (or else your pan will be very sticky)
    i wrap a handfull of beans with a slice of bacon , ( i use regular bacon , maple flavoured would go well or apple smoked really your own preferance)
    then i place them in the oven at 375 for about 10 mins
    while youre waiting i get another bowl
    i dont measure this part out ever
    but ill put about
    5 tblspoons of extra virgin olive oil
    6 tablespoons of red wine balsamic vinegar
    and maybe a tablespoon of honey
    whisk it together , at about 15 mins i brush it onto the bundles and pour the rest over, this is a great time to put sliced almonds, or waterchestnuts onto the bundles,
    and i put it back into the over for about another 5 mins

    green beans
    red wine balsamic vinegar
    almonds, or waterchestnuts or coconut
    extra virgin olive oil

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    luckylady Member

    luv the idea but how much butter should i add

    luckylady Member

    luv the idea

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    to which recipe?
    chef c

    chef c Well-Known Member

    Wow... She said blanche... I think sunni has some experience!! Cool beans! How could I have been missing this part of riu??!?

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