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    Ive grown a few times in a growtent but with the apartment I’ll be moving into I’m gonna have to be a little more discrete. I’ve decided to go 2x2 for the L and W but how high would you experienced box growers recommend? Also any designs ideas so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb would be appreciated. It’s gonna be an organic grow in these pots
    Undecided if I should just have four and let them grow the way Mother Nature intended them to, or maybe top each one once and fill in the little bit of space that I’ll have. What are your recommendations?
    Light that will be used, if I can go above 300w that’d be great. Thanks

    TheCauf Well-Known Member

    Also if anyone has an build to hook a co2 tank up to the box discretely again it’s be very appreciated
    My Name is Mike

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    Rolla J

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    4 girls in 2gal pots would fit a 2x2. I do 3 3 gals and is over crowded by end of flower. . I'm running 2 3gals right now. Typical is 2*2*4 but def need more room 2*2*6 or 3*3*6 if I wana grow ol natural
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    giantsfan24 Well-Known Member

    I've just completed my 2x2x4 box...can I help? i've got a 210w timber cob led light working....let me know!
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Doesnt really mater you can have micro grows that fit in a pc case.

    But if you want it to be worth it.

    I would ask yourself how much yoh smoke in 3 months that way you k ow how.much you have to grow to stay in freesmoke.

    Id say a 2x2 is worth about a qp if you do well

    Lots of things you can do

    One of the best stealth setups i have seen

    Is a guy built a huge flat grow under his bed in a pull out drawer :)

    Old fridges converted speaker boxes
    Filing cabinets

    The obvious old china hutch

    Lots of stuff you can do .

    TheCauf Well-Known Member

    Well the way things are looking I might be able to rent a house instead of an apartment so I can still use my rent, but I never grew mothers before so im thinking about making a box for one sativa and one indica mother. What size box you think I’d need for that?
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    giantsfan24 Well-Known Member

    Mothers...yeah can't help much there but from what I've seen, you'd need something with a bit of vertical space or do a lot of pruning over the time she's in veg..someone else may be able to offer more for sure.


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