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    I'm brand new at all of this, growing wise. I was wanting to know some ideas on a soil mixture that would be best for growing my girls organically no chems. I've purchased all organic nutrients separately. Just need some info on what and amount of each nutrients to place together that's best for growing my girls.

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    Sounds like your looking for some direction on what to read right?

    Here is a link with some good reading to get started.

    Good Luck!
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    GKS New Member

    I just read it. Very informative. Tks
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    There are lots of pre made tutorials on, YouTube has alot of useful videos to show you many of your upcoming questions

    Also if you have a question use Google first in this format.

    Your question here : forums

    Or if you want to get specific

    Your question here :

    It will automatically search through millions of threads on forums for you because you could bet your grow that somone has asked before haha.

    Also don't post the same question in different threads. Alot of new people do that thinking they'll get faster answers but really it just clogs up the forum and it's annoying.

    Click new posts , near the top to see what's active ;)

    Welcome to riu
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    Add some dolomite lime to your soil mix to help balance out ph.

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