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    Hey everyone i know this is a question that does not get asked alot and moat people will think it is a dumb question at that. So please keep your negative vibes to yourself.

    I was wondering if there was a way to make my medicine non phycoactive (no high) but still be able to use the wonderfull health benefits cannabis has to offer. I know i can buy high cbd strains but i am ussually on a real tight budget and have to stick with what ever i can get for cheap. I do not enjoy the high from thc at all and it gives me extreme paranoia. Ive read online thc degrades into cbn from light and air exposure. Is there a way i can speed the process up? I do not want to make concentrates or edibles. I would like to be able to smoke my medicine with my bong.

    I am a prop 215 patient in the state of california and i use cannabis to reduce my seizures.

    Thanks for any help i recieve i appriciateit alot
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    consume less is all that comes to mind. next is finding a strain that gives you more of the the desired effects, its strain/body specific.

    215patient707 Member

    Thc seems to make my seizures more intense but cbd or schwag weed seems to help. Is there a way to degrade the thc?

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    I'd advise looking at the THC:CBD ratio you are using and this will be reflected in the strain.

    CBD effectively “dulls” the high THC gives, whilst at the same time allowing the THC to provide its own pain-killing, antiemetic and appetite-stimulating properties. Many people seem to find high-THC, low-CBD strains too overwhelming, and there are lots of studies out there attesting to this phenomenon. THC and CBD seem to work in tandem with each other, and even bolster each other’s strengths.

    Equal THC:CBD ratios tend to produce some limited psychoactive effects (people often want some psychoactive effect for therapeutic reasons), whilst high-CBD, low-THC strains produce few if any psychoactive effects for most people. Low-THC, high-CBD strains are seen as particularly useful for children, as they are not as psychoactive and still have enough THC in it for therapeutic reasons.

    I hope that helps and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

    Dr Frank
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    Good question. My uncle asked me to research about it. Now I have the answer.
    Chris Edward

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    Hello 215patient707

    I am like you, I also have seizures and I use CBD to help curb them.
    I will be honest it doesn’t stop my seizures but it sure does make them less intense. Off CBD my seizures used to mess me up for the better part of a week (and that’s just the physical effects), with biting my tongue (and having to wait for the swelling to go down, then the peeling and all that mess) and the general muscle soreness, and I usually have between 2-4 seizures a week.
    But now I just sleep for the day after a seizure and I am usually good the next day.
    It is like night and day since I started smoking CBD.
    My sleeping has gotten better as well.

    Like you, THC makes me paranoid.

    As far as THC degrading to CBD, it’s not CBD it’s CBN and this is something that happens on the plant while flowering.
    There hasn’t been nearly as much research into CBN as there has been into THC and CBD so I am not sure what else to say about this….

    The CBD strains are usually only sold in vape or extract form because the producers extract it from the whole plant (sometimes hemp strains) and even though they do this, the prices are still outrageous.
    They are as bad a big pharma, taking advantage of sick people.
    Then you add the stupid state taxes and you need to take out a loan to buy medicine.

    Unless you grow your own CBD rich strains you are going to have to change your mind about the whole extracts thing.
    The producers can make so much more money by using the whole plant and still charge full price and for this reason you will almost never see strains like AC/DC offered as flowers.

    Really great strains are either AC/DC (good luck finding clones) or Therapy from CBD crew, both are 20:1 CBD:THC.

    If growing your own isn’t an option.
    Your best bet would be to get some crystalline CBD (probably made from hemp) and some non nicotine e-liquid and mix your own and use it in a vape.
    Crystalline CBD is what big pharma has used in the soon to be FDA approved seizure medication Epidiolex.

    You can get crystalline CBD for like $35 a gram and either buy flavored e-juice or make your own.
    To mimic AC/DC you will need to make a mixture that pretty strong, like 100mg per 0.5ml, which will make a very thick syrup, which you can thin down, but it will mean you will have to smoke more.
    If you do the math, you can make 5ml worth of vape for less than $50.
    5ml is like 10 of the $60 AC/DC 500mg vape cartridges.
    Then if you get yourself a decent quality vape pen; Kanger makes a really nice starter model that sells for like $12 and has a replaceable wick. The wicks only cost $1.50
    You’ll be all set.

    Plus you won’t smell like weed and your lungs will thank you.
    Chris Edward

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    @Doctor Frank,
    I find that 50:50 CBD:THC strains just muddle my mind.
    They cloud my mind and leave me feeling stupid...
    Alternatively, if I smoke a little CBD (AC/DC or Therapy) and then some THC (like Skywalker), then it's a completely different experience, one of tranquil peace of mind, which is something I rarely have.
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    215patient707 Member

    @Chris Edward i have recently got high cbd hemp seeds i germinated and planted to have a steddy supply. see my grow journal. i love ac/dc but it is really hard to come by
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Member

    @215patient707 Is that a ruderalis hemp or a sativa hemp?
    Sativa hemp as far as I know grows pretty tall, like well over 5 feet, upwards to like 8+feet.
    Watch the video "Hemp for Victory" (it's on YouTube) to see what I am talking about.
    Ruderalis on the other hand will only grow a few feet but flowers very little.

    The folks who tend to use hemp use it as tinctures for arthritis and other topicals like that.
    I believe this is also where they get crystalline CBD from, from the entire plant, but you're going to need to process a lot of material.

    Maybe open a rope making company that produces CBD on the side...
    Just Kidding....

    215patient707 Member

    @Chris Edward
    My friend grew 3 plants and topped them so they would bush out instead of getting tall. He produced a half pound per plant of good usable flower. I'l be happy with what ever I get I have plenty of seeds lol
    Sarah Lewis

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    I feel is better to consume less and look out for strains like ACDC, Harle-Tsu, and Harlequin which have high CBD ratio as compared to THC ratio.These will give you mellow rather than a high cerebral effect.
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Member

    @215patient707, Wow, that sounds amazing...
    What strain did they grow?
    I totally grow mine wrong, but it works for me...
    I don't need a lot...
    I top the plants at the nodes, which makes one budding site now two, you can do this a few times before they get to be too tall in veg and must be put into flower or else the stretching during flower will cause the plants to grow past your lights (I use LED's with passive cooling so they remain cool enough for the plants to touch without burning).
    The real trick seems to be knowing when to stop splitting at the nodes, because too many bid sites and this seems to create popcorn buds. But there are so many variables it is hard to say that one thing was the cause.

    The point for me is to grow what I need and possibly a little extra to share.
    I make concentrates with it anyway, so I don't care what the buds look like, as long as they are frosty, covered in cannabinol.

    0321Marine Well-Known Member

    My friend and I grew a plant once.. it came out with zero thc and no matter how much you smoked it could not get you high.. however, I noticed my muscles relaxed and my knee pain reduced when I smoked it.

    However, I have no idea what went wrong. He did most of it, and I simply helped a little. His idea was the light was too old, and the plant didnt get enough light.. but that made no sense to me because the girl looked like a knock out. It was shocking that it would not get you high.. even after grams of it smoked in one sitting. I wish I could help more.. but maybe someone here knows what we/he did wrong and that can be repeated somehow?

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