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    hello guys,

    so i have this seed planted in soil for 5 days (2 days extra germination in water) but nothing aproutes up till today. I managed to dig and takenout the seed and it looks like the shell somehow stacked on the root and it doeant leeting the seedling to come up. Also the leaves are looking a little bit yellow .Is that because of lack of light? what can i do yo save the seed?

    thank you

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    Aksala49 Active Member

    Cover it with a little substrate and keep it moist...not sopping wet. There's a good chance the tap root will figure out which way is down and take off. Beyond that, seeds are like people in that not every one will be a perfect example.

    GrowerCy Member

    when you say substrate do you mean soil or paper like germination method

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    yea substrate is basically anything the base that something lives on. So yep your soil/coco/etc.

    When this happened to me, I covered it with a little soil -----just keeping the leaf part sticking out but the taproot covered as much as possible with soil. I also covered the seedling with a clear plastic cup with holes on the top dead smack over the seedling flush with the soil like a dome. I did this for 2 days and it popped back up just fine and dandy and began to grow. Just what worked for me in the past - but may not be the best solution.

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