PureCrop1 - The End-All solution to Pests/Mold & Plant Vigor/Health

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    This product came to Monster Gardens over the Summer (2017) and has been rigorously tested since. Between our staff members (who cultivate) and fellow gardeners, we've seen it successfully eradicate Two-spotted, Broad and Russet Mites, Root/Leaf Aphids, Gnats, Thrips, Leafhoppers, and Whiteflies. In the Mold category, we've seen it treat and prevent Powdery Mildew (PM), Botrytis, Fusarium wilt and red blotch.

    Following the success, both as a foliar product and root drench, we're continuing to add beneficial points to this product daily.

    Take a moment to review this informational sheet and feel free to inquire further via private message if you're interested in the SDS and any further information.

    Some quick bullet points for the skeptics:
    -This is not your run of the mill oil based insecticide, the magic is in the manufacturing process
    -Yes, I've personally used this on plants purposefully infested with mites and successfully eradicated the population after 2 sprays
    -Monster Gardens speaks to pest/mold manufacturers almost daily, we wouldn't promote a product in this category unless we could confirm that it was unique.
    -The product is completely organic and deemed safe for use on Cannabis.

    I'm willing to answer any questions you have, but I urge you to please take the time to read the attachment, it covers the bulk of it.



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    Monster Gardens

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    Monster Gardens

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    Hey Farmers, how was your experience using PureCrop1? Has everyone received samples that wanted some? If no, let's see about getting you some.


    kaoss_11 Active Member

    I want to check it out
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    @kaoss_11 Shoot me your shipping address and we'll send some samples out, same applies to anyone interested.

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    vertnugs Well-Known Member

    Would like to hear a bit more on how this product helps with heat/environment stress @Monster Gardens
    Monster Gardens

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    PureCrop1's primary focus is to boost the plant's health and vigor. In doing so, the two pathways that increase plant SAR are amplified, when this happens the plant has an increased natural ability to resist pest, mold and environmental stress on a greater level.

    During our preliminary trials, I personally used the product in a controlled setting with 95F and 50-55%rh for an extended period of time. There were also two-spotted mites present. PureCrop1 was sprayed for consecutive days. The result was a significant decrease to the mite population (despite offering their ideal environment), rapid growth rates (no noticeable flimsy or elongated growth), no ill effects 16" from 1000w double ended lighting and long-term "praying" of the leaves.

    On a separate, less strict test, during winter (temps as low as 30F) my colleague sprayed an outdoor vine that had completely engulfed a wire fence -- only one side was sprayed, once every 2-weeks. The side sprayed remained green and continued to fill in, whereas the other side of the fence turned brown and growth almost completely halted.

    Open to any additional Q&A -- thanks for inquiring!
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    I wanted to add another point about this product, we're actually strategizing about the next set of videos to outline this topic.

    PureCrop1, despite it's SDS, is not your normal "oil based" product. Yes, it utilizes oil, however, the various inputs are broken down into a nano-micelle. This nanoparticle is capable of reaching greater depths given its size and increases its efficacy against all soft-bodied insects and fungal spores.
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    sounds like a decent product, but seems like the guys that work for you run nasty gardens............
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    Haha - it was mine, I don't cultivate anymore, I strictly use my 6 plants for test only. Poor girls, I know....
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    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to “burn” your plants with it? The website and my bottle had different application concentrations.
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    Weird, it calls for 2oz. per gallon with infestation and 1oz. per gallon for treatment.

    It's possible to burn pistils, though I've never been able to do it, however, we have NEVER heard reports of burnt foliage. Some propagators are completely dunking freshly cut clones into a solution at 1oz per gallon and pre-soaking Rockwool - without any harm.

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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    It's very expensive first and for most. The cost of 1 gal could literally upgrade a persons environment to not have most of those issues, ever.

    8 month isn't a lot of testing at all, for long or short term issues. I also don't understand the ''quantum physics'' technology you claim this product is comparable to so how do I know it's not complete bs with no trusted independent testing.

    I could not find any technical details.

    Is it safe for beneficial microbes, if so, how so, again no technical data given.
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    8-months tested in-house and we successfully eradicated thrips, two-spotted mites, russet mites, fungus gnats, root aphids, rockwool algae, PM etc., this was first hand. We've vetted the product's organic claims and efficacy.

    It's currently being used in Conventional Ag with farms like Driscoll, Color Spot, Heinz, and a variety of vineyards where the quantifiable data will emerge soon enough. PureCrop1 and our Distributors Heavy Harvest can answer more in-depth questions along those lines. University studies will also soon be published.

    The cost on our site is $306 (volume discounts available) before coupons are applied. That's 64 - 128 gallons of RTU spray, $4.78-$2.40 per gallon of RTU spray. If the product works as stated how is this cost not justified? We have comparative data that clearly shows this is one of the least expensive pest, mold and plant health boosting solutions (all in one product) on the market (that data will be released soon). The price is also significantly less when compared to other products manufactured in a similar fashion, i.e. nano-colloidal micelle. PureCrop1 is not a loose mixture of oils or soaps, and the founders divulge ALL of the organic ingredients without hiding anything under "Inert Ingredients".

    There are some preliminary trials that suggest it does not harm phtyoseiulus persimilis, however, this product is anti-microbial, therefore NO, it will not work in conjunction with microbes.

    At the end of the day, if you have an IPM regimen that controls pest and molds, simultaneously boosting plant health then this product may not be for you. However, all who have received samples have nothing but positive feedback and we are very pleased with the response of the market thus far.


    Miyagismokes Well-Known Member

    Tell those bastards to stop making pests and mold!

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    I don't have time ATM to watch a video I'm working. Is this a pest spray?
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    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    I just did my own little comparison with Method1 PPS. 16 oz in Canada is $35 cdn. so yes, almost double the price. I use a 1 liter sprayer with M1pps at 15ml/liter. The Pure Crop1 is 7ml/liter I’m using half that of M1, therefore to me they’re priced competitively.
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    It is Indacouch - pest and mold!

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Is it safe to use up to flower. I'd be interested in looking into it further depending on how safe it is. I grow in large sealed green houses this time of year. I don't usually have issues, but I'm all about prevention.
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    Safe to use until the day of harvest -- zero residual. We've seen licensed operations dunk/spray plants on the day of harvest.
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