PSA: Shiny gray is not reflective

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Trichometry101, Oct 2, 2017.


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    I see it every time I visit a forum. Dark, black hole grow spaces. Foil wrapped walls, sucking up the light.

    Shiny gray is not a reflective color.
    If you cant tell how dark your grow room is after putting that crap up, maybe you should quit growing and get mental help.

    Words of wisdom for newbs and sheep: Your eyes may be retarded, but you can't fool a black and white camera. Scan your walls in black and white. Are they black, or white? If your using the crap half the people on these forums use, They are gray! With a layer of gloss giving you mystery house of mirror hot spots sending you chasing your tail for deficiencies

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