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Hi guys,

I have a general question about a Carbon Filter. I didn't think it was a totally ridiculous question, but never the less I haven't found an answer from Google and the Phat support website.

Basically what I wanted to know is is it OK to have that filter sitting on top of the cupboard laying on it's side with the inline attached. I was advised by the hydro shop shop and a friend that I couldn't it's not good for them. What I don't get is I've seen heaps of setups where the filter is either hanging or lying on the side. What's your thoughts?

I cannot have it upright on top of the cupboard because of height and I cannot cut a hole in the ceiling because I'm renting. But I've heard you get better results if it's higher than the grow room.

Thanks in advance


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It would be better to hang it horizontally inside your grow box which will also reduce the amount of duct for better ventilation as well as stealth. I really don't think that laying the filter on it's side is going to do anything to it. It is just small pieces charcoal inside it.


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Thanks for the idea I think that would look heaps stealth too.

But wouldn't that create about 50% more heat?