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    I am looking for a good all in one monitor for ph, PPM, Temperature and humidity all in one guage.. Or even one good g age. that shows the temperature/humidity readings and another that shows ph/ppm... I want to be able to glance at it and know what the readings are in my DWC tank... My plan is to mount these to the outside of my tent with the probes in the water or in the tent... I am new and want to have the option of looking at the readings without opening the tent... I have looked at several different monitor/gauges, but can't seem to find what I need... I don't think I need water temperature, just air temperature and humidity... But I do want to be able to glance and know the pH and ppm of the water... Thanks for the help...

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    Try plgrowsystems for a temp and humidity monitor, check it through WiFi or on the screen and only £35, comes with a air temp and humidity probe and a waterproof probe for the water

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    Im running a blue lab guardian.

    Its is VERY. Convenient and water temp IS very important :)

    I want to buy another for the veg room but they are a little spendy . So i just use the probes but it sucks when my lights are off and i need to top up the veg room . Might get some cheap pens for the veg room :)
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    bluelab for the win. although you can get by fine with just a temp/ph monitor and save a couple hundred.
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    I have been told if your room stays a consistent 75, then water temp should be good, but I would prefer to measure everything possible...
    Since I am new, I have several typical newbie tendencies.... I check them WAY too often!! I worry about EVERYTHING! And, of course, I have to be careful and force myself to not water too much...
    I figured the more Information I have and the more thi vs are automated, the less newbie mistakes I will make...
    I am at 2 weeks since the seeds popped... I left the seedlings in the humidity dome for 10 days and put the rockwool (with roots coming out of the bottom) into 3.5 gallon DWC buckets on day 11... I have 2 of the 3.5 gallon DWC buckets in a 2x4x6 tent with a viparspectra 600w grow light at 36" above the plant. Since the roots are not coming out of the 6" net pot yet, I have the distilled water with 25% nutes at about 1/2" above the bottom of the net pot... And, I have been top watering once per day... So far everything looks good for day 14... However, I would like to find a way to more easily monitor the pH, temperature, PPM, humidity and anything else that needs monitored...
    Thanks for all your wonderful advice!!!

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    It does appear that one plant is drooping just a touch today... Is it getting too much water in the DWC?? the water level is about 1.5 to 2 inches below the bottom of the rockwool... The hydration seems to be getting plenty wet on the bottom to wick.. And I am top watering once per day... The top watering is light, but I didn't believe it took much water...

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