Penetrator Grow Light Competition & Giveaway

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Which LED Competitor Do You Most Want to See Us Compared To?

Poll closed Today at 4:35 PM.
  1. Kind LED

  2. ViparSpectra

  3. Spydr

  4. Mars Hydro

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  5. Black Dog LED

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  6. California Lightworks

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  7. Platinum LED

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  8. Other (make a post with your preferred brand)

  9. HLG


    HydroGrowLED Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Direct comparisons are what the majority of the industry is afraid of. They don't want their product evaluated in how it compares to someone else, they want it simply evaluated as to whether or not it can grow plants (which just about any light can), or what the umol/joule is. I do look great in heels lol.

    I have never run coco personally. I heard from many a hydro store owner how finicky it can be, especially in regards to nutrients. LED plants tend to do better with lower ppm of nutes compared to HID plants. They also use less water as they don't transpire as much with the lack of infrared heat. Some people don't adjust their nutes down when switching to LED which can cause issues. I always recommend people use no more than 3/4 the amount of nutes they normally put in for HID or CFL. If the plants show no signs of stress or over fertilization, you can step them up gradually.

    You are correct, our lights are not "Blurple" although they don't look purplish-pink from outside the room. When you get up close and personal we have a customized color temperature of white where the plants appear in natural color. You can see deficiencies, pests and even take pictures most of the time without filters. We use RGB to create white instead of various phosphor mix coatings over blue LEDs. The problem with all white LED grow lights that use blue LEDs, is that they have far too high a percentage of blue in the spectrum for proper growth. This tends to cause morphological stress responses in the plant. If you look at the NASA study results posted in my other thread, you'll see that the higher you go with blue in terms of your overall %, the lower your yield and longer your cycle becomes. But from the sounds of it, a lot of members here are not keen on trusting research published by NASA. I on the other hand based our G4 spectrum on their research.

    I don't know who Victor or Stephen are lol. I'll get you 4 of the 84X for a 4x4 area. Put them against whichever HLG light you think is best. I'd rather take down their best than beat one of their lesser products.
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    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    My guess is hlg far outperforms this light
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    All i can say is Wow LedGirl!
    Lets do this!

    HydroGrowLED Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    I love skeptics and those who would bet against our products. It makes winning a lot more fun :)
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    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    I hope your product does what you say but it's extremely unlikely even if you win it won't be by as much as you think.
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    Mellow old School

    Mellow old School Well-Known Member


    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    If y’all are willing I’m game.
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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Lol! So youre saying winning is an option with a 6 band RGB light using tech from over a decade ago? Oh, but not by much!!! Lol! Here we go!!!
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    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    No I don't think it will just trying not to troll the guy too bad till we see the hlg crush these lights haha

    SoMe_EfFin_MasS_HoLe Well-Known Member

    Send one over here I'll put it up against my hlg. I'm in a micro grow as well.
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    Stephenj37826 Well-Known Member

    123.jpg @hybridway2 @HydroGrowLED

    Hybridway since the test seems to be against their newest fixture we will send you our flagship fixture launching in June.

    Hydrogrowled there has been a little bit of hate coming from your side it seems.... Shall I quote? Since you are on a soapbox stating how you have been doing this so long it occurs to me that your company was one of the original led companies that made false claims..... We have had quite the uphill battle to fight against because of fly by night companies that don't bother to share specs of their product....Like efficiency, brand, and bin of led used, drivers used etc. Our fixture consumes the usual ~510 watts. Its output is in excess of 1400 umol/s.
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    SoMe_EfFin_MasS_HoLe Well-Known Member

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    Newbiez Well-Known Member

    She is the con-artist known as "LED Girl" in other communities and has been removed from a few communities over it. Her lights have been debunked before and will be again, especially going up against HLG. Can't wait to see this humiliation. I had intended on leaving RIU after seeing her here, but I'ma stick around just to see this. Know first hand the damage some HLG lights can do, yielding over 1g/watt

    But you know what, @HydroGrowLED If your lights win by enough to warrant the price difference, I will swap every HLG and HID I have to HydroGrow.

    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Hey, there you are! This certainly came out of the blue. Or should i say RGB.
    Ok, sounds good to me. I knew you're not the type to backdown from any challenge as youve proven time & time again.
    Thats super great news about the new Flagship model. Very curious to see whats under the hood! Question, will it be a full cycle light as im short an hlg light to veg with as the 96's are doing a great job in the flower room rn & the Elite isnt geared toward full cycle.
    Plants just came out of the cloner & ive selected doubles for youz guys n gals.
    Its a veg - flower competition. Full cycle like i just did with the Bar-8.
    Figured id pull a power veg off n get these girls ready asap cuz im halfway through flower now.
    Lil nervous about the F4 HGL spectrum for veg but we'll see.
    Thanks for keeping it real Stephen! :clap:. HMU on pm.

    Stephenj37826 Well-Known Member

    It's similar to the elite but slightly fuller spectrum. Some added ~ 625 and 660 aren't really bad for veg. Far red such as 730nm is what triggers shade avoidance. Here is the spectrum. 20190416_212325.jpg

    Best part.... 2.9umol/j system level.

    TEKNIK Well-Known Member

    Stephen you need to give up, Hydrogrow used their own sphere and they get 54umol/joule. They are truly the best horticulture lighting company that beats everyone by over 200% in efficiency.

    nobighurry Well-Known Member

    Lets get it on! I have a couple hgl would enjoy doing a side x side, hoping the new hgl v3 boards are coming out soon, in need of another 550..

    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Looks good! 2.9!!! Wholly Cow! 510w of 2.9 over a 4x4 will be more then enough. That will make an excellent veg/flower spectrum.
    Well, the race is on. Lets do it!

    Will 2.9 system get squashed by custom Epis RGB?
    6-Band vs HE wh/r. Cammie says with ease!
    Oh boy!!!
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    Johnny Lawrence

    Johnny Lawrence Well-Known Member


    HydroGrowLED Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Hi Stephen. I can see you lack confidence in your lights as you suddenly feel the need to send a jacked up version of something not yet available to the public to test against a product we've been selling since 2016 (or a spectrum developed in 2012)... Sure the casing may have changed, but the internals have not. Are you really afraid of 3 year old revised tech originally developed in 2011? I do like that after all this time I instill fear in the hearts of my competitors. But then again, rather than actually put thought into your spectrum, you just slapped some white LEDs on a board and think you've created something unique. I'm not afraid of your product in the least bit or your arbitrary umol/joule measurement which lacks any fundamental understanding of plant sciences. I am here to show all your fanboys how little you truly know about plants and creating lights to grow them. Any old white light can grow a plant, we've known that for 50 years... So congrats on inventing the same wheel as the last person before you. I wish I had half your ambitions lol.

    I'd love to know what false claims were made. Mind backing up any of that trash talk? I mean especially considering you weren't even around back then as a company? We were the first to introduce PAR maps to the grow light industry. The first to use umol as a system of measurement to determine the power of grow lights. The first to use a 60 degree lens, create a compound secondary lens, make modular LED grow lights, a square reflector (still patented), a 6-band spectrum, use 740nm, use 525nm green, make square grow lights (only round or rectangle existed back then). We also beat every competitor in every side by side. Before I came around all anyone talked about was Lumens. What have you done? Send your lights off for some general illumination efficiency tests? Congrats again.

    We did all the development that "me too" companies like you completely erased. We paved the way for posers like you to come in and distract everyone from the science that actually means something. You scoff at spectrum, you scoff at lensing tech, and yet at the end of the test your fanboys are going to be mighty upset when they see their favorite light get creamed. My 140W 84X puts out 1400 umol on it's own at 12". Whoop-dee-doo. PAR doesn't tell you how powerful a light is either, it's SPD that matters and you don't know enough about spectrum to understand how to calculate your umol/joule into photons that were first absorbed and then transferred within the plant to create sugars to fuel photosynthesis. All you know is how efficient your product is at turning electricity into photons (most of which have little to no absorption by plants - a scientific fact). But hey keep talking whatever trash you want. I don't need to respond to you any further, I'll let my run-of-the-mill, 2016 technology do the work for me. Hybridway - lights are being shipped today. Let the games begin.

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