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    We are moving to Oregon next month outside of Portland on 5 acres of property. My wife and I are well versed in the challenges of growing in this environment were moving from Wa. We've been providers for many patients in our current state. Reason for the move is due to Washington's recent changes or threats there of in the WMMP program & I'm originally from North Portland born & raised, so it's time to come home. Our farm will be able to provide medicine in the form of dried cured flowers, oils, extracts, and we are able to grow for four patients each with room for expansion. We have greenhouses with all of the equipment needed to maintain our beautiful garden and we use organic soil & compost teas as our feeding regime. If any patients are in need of a grower with over 25 years experience and a reputation that is backed by tasty flowers please feel free to contact us through email. [email protected]
    We are a family operated farm that knows the ins & outs of this wonderful plant and takes the utmost pride in what we do. The medicinal qualities of this plant are far reaching & still undiscovered and we work our hardest to bring you the finest medicine this plant has to offer. Our genetics range from around the country & the world from some of the most reputable breeders such as DJ Short, Rare Dankness, Cali Connection, OG Raskal, Subcool, and many heirloom clone only strains & one of a kind strains made by us.

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    Here are a few more shots. IMG_1908.JPG

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    I am in need of a OMMP grower i got my OMMP card recently and im in need of help.

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    Email me.

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    joshua satterlee

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    hey there im in need of a grower an im hoping that you still have a opening im a card holder an have my card an been a card holder since 2011. please email me if your able to help me [email protected] thank you

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    Yes we have room. Rob 360-931-0523

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    I'm looking for someone to trade me some medicine for my grower card. I just saw the doc yesterday and have paperwork in-hand, ready to go. Also, have another patient that is willing to add you as a grower for the same. I'd be willing to do some now and some at harvest, I just don't have any more left now and it's crazy expensive in the dispensaries here, even without paying taxes.

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    I'd also be willing to keep the grower card in my name, if that's helpful. same with other patient.

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    What fees are you paying? You paying the grower site fee for each card?

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