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    We are putting together a monthly newsletter that will be emailed to our users. The person that can write the best newsletter will win choice of:

    Sunmaster SM 400W H15 NDX ,
    Sun SM 1000W H 37NDX,
    Sunmaster SM 250 W BU 28 WDX,
    Sun SL 250W U15 VRD

    The newsletter can include website news, global news and OR quick how to article.

    Thanks to for the donations.

    On submission you release all rights of the article to the

    No copying from other sites or peers

    Sept: 5th 2009

    How to Submit:
    Reply to this thread with your submission -
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    mr.organicdrizzle Member

    I dont see any submissions here did any one submit anything?
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    not anything of importance.... it all got deleted:hump:

    NewGardener Member

    Is this still open? Do you want it in any particular format? HTML, PDF, Illustrator? How long would you like it (word count or pages)? Embedded photos and illustrations okay? I will do this for a chance at that gear. I will knock it out of the park.
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    any will do:D what you got?? let's see it

    NewGardener Member

    Well, I'd be starting from scratch... How do you envision it? Maybe a four page booklet newsletter? Something that could be printed on an 8.5"x11" double sided and folded in half? Is that cool?
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    Just s small article I guess:D something short, informative, to the point, and entertaining

    Shayden Active Member

    Lately in New Zealand cops busted a giant undercover cannabis operatoin with more than 250 suspects and 750 charges. Police searched 35 buisnesses and alot of residential addresses; Search warrants were issued as part of Operation Lime. Over 100 cannabis growing operations were in kahootz with the buisnesses were found during the operation. So far 19 more have be discovered. Police also seized Methamphetamine, LSD, Ecstacy and firearms. TradeMe today also banned the trading of equipment that could be used for growing cannabis. Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope said "today's arrest would break the cornerstone of the illicit cannabis cultivation industry". He also went on to say that undercover officers had purchased equipment, given advice on growing cannabis, and even cannabis clones, and other over the counter drugs from these offenders. (April 27th, 2010)
    In other news; Cheech and Chong! Cheech went on to say "Going to be legal. I think it's going to be legal on a nationwide basis within 3 years. It's the number on cash crop in the world. It is like outlawing wheat. Come on." On there press tour for "Hey Watch This" Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have been showing off their Medicinal Marijuana card. They are releasing the movie in theaters, DVD, Blu Ray, and Video on Demand, on April 20 (4/20). Read more about it here:
    For those of you Canadian growers, you better start germinating your plants now (If you have not already) Last Frost is approaching quickly! Some parts of Canada it has already happened (Abbotsford, Chilliwak, Nanaimo, Victoria, Hamilton, Windsor ect) See the full list here:

    /.\ |\./| /,\ Pass The J Brah!
    .|--\ |\./| /-- /
    \^.\ |\\.//| /.^/
    \--.|\ |\\.//| /|.--/
    \--.|\ |\\.//| / |.--/
    \---.|\ |\./| /|.---/
    \--.|\ |\./| /|.--/
    \ .\ |.| /. /
    _ -_^_^_^_- \ \\ // / -_^_^_^_- _
    - -/_/_/- ^ ^ ^ ^ -\_\_\- -
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    DoinIt2Gether Active Member

    Is this still open for submission? I just found this section, I think this is a great idea! Please let me know if I may submit...even if the prizes have changed. Thanks!

    BIGDAVE Member

    Who WOn this. Is there still time to contribute?
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    Let's see what you got buddy!

    BIGDAVE Member

    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    cool. imma take a look:D thanks for the submission

    Marcfive Member

    Lool is this contest still open

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    no this was from 2009
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    gioua Well-Known Member

    shhhhh say yes.. and then when the work is done you explain how it was 4 year old thread...
    Commander Strax

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    Back from the dead
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