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    Wiggenz6 New Member

    Im new to the indoor/hydroponics world. I have grown many outdoor harvests. I recently, because of legal issues, converted to an indoor tent. I have a 4×2×6 tent. For lighting i chose 2 600w mars hydro led fixtures. I have a three 5 gallon dwc setup. Using general hydroponics 3 part grow, micro, bloom nutrients. I ph my water to 6.2. I have 3 bagseed plants growing great, but the 5 seeds i got from ministry of cannabis were open when I received them and they all sprouted and immediately died. What am i doing wrong? I've ordered 5 more auto ak from gyo seedbank. Please help !

    drsaltzman Well-Known Member

    I don't know anything about hydro but I also grow in a 2X4 tent and 1,200W of Mars Hydro lights in that size tent might be throwing out a lot of heat.

    Wiggenz6 New Member

    Thanks for responding. It would seem that 1200w of led might produce lots of heat, but actually my tent stays between 78-82°f. I even have a small heater set on a thermostat to 79°f just in case. The plants I have growing from based are beautiful, bushy plants. They appear to be just as nice as the outdoor plants I've had over the years, just shorter. I'm hoping that the seeds I ordered from gyo give better results.

    Budgrowguide Member

    that's odd about the seeds coming cracked. I buy my seeds from two sources and have never had one seed not take. Check out this article both are listed at the bottom. I've actually never used a seed bank, is that just another name for retail seed sellers?

    Wiggenz6 New Member

    Yes, it's a "company" that when legit, will sell blister packs or retail packs of seeds. They are usually packaged by the breeders. My seeds were taken out of the retail packaging and placed in a nickel bag labeled wwa (whitewidowauto).

    Smok3yMcChok3y Well-Known Member

    What was your germ method? Did you put them in rockwool or what next? Do you topfeed in the dwc until.roots are propagated? Too many questions to give encouragement. Also i run my ph starting at about 5.5 and let it swing up to 6.1 or so before I lower it so you may be a touch high. But honestly in a seedling with such low ec it shouldn't be a deal breaker.

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