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    We just moved to the bullhead/kingman area and I got my medical card and went to a dispensary and prices are sky high! Does anyone have an idea where to get reasonably priced flower in the area? working on buying a home 25 miles away from a dispensary so we can grow but will need a good option in the short term.

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    Was it smokable? Consider yourself lucky you survived. Most weed in Az is virtually fake, it contains more "other" per hit than it does weed. Marlborough testing grounds here in AZ. None of it even smells like weed anymore. Just a token premature steroid plant to spray synthetic Cannabinoids and perfumes on. And they are even trying to fake the buds completely (see below) since the push towards the mystery oil e-cig crap isn't working so well.

    Think I'm joking then you must have went to the one dispensary without fake weed. Dont second guess yourself. Its all premature and soaked in chemicals.. Every bit of it. Stay far away from dispensaries. They all sold out long ago.
    Moldy hay soaked in citrus spray and synthetics, lol. Fuck the dispensaries.


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    thriveinaz New Member

    so how do i get flower and stay away from a dispensary, is there something i am missing?

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    I was ganna go out there soon if ya want I can smoke you guys out and point you in the direction of some decent dispensaries. Ps There is a lot a good weed in Az .

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