New led with uv/far red


I just bought this light and looking for any help on when to use the uv and ir. Now in veg. I have a 5x5 with 5 autopots 6.6gal pots, 6 inch AC infinity fan setup vented out a window. I'm running the light at 400 watts during veg.(just transplanted from cups to 1gal pot) I'm going with Soul nutrients by Roots Organic. I had 1 grow with a MH light using just water and had a good crop. I'm hoping the nutrients will kick it up a bit. The light has 4 settings V1(veg) V1+UV&IR, F1, and F1+UV&IR.
Any advice greatly appreciated


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Those look like cool lights, hope they work out well for you.

Personally I would use the uv/ir spectrum added the whole grow. I am far too dumb to give you exact information on the subject, but it seems the two spectrums will kind of balance each other out while promoting different plant responses to the spectrum. To me it seems like it would be worth using full cycle just for the fact of filling in some gaps compared to natural sunlight. Again, no expert, just my two cents.

I did use an 6% uvb bulb full cycle my last grow. Can't really compare it to previous runs, too many changing variables, but the plants seemed to enjoy the addition.

I would search through this forum for info on uva/ir and their effects. Some smart people have posted good info on the subject which could help you make your decision on if/when to use them.