neem oil during flower?


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is it cool to spray neem oil during flower? i'm only about 2 weeks in but don't want to fuck up my grow this early!


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I would imagine so. I wouldn't put it on during the last 2 weeks. I don't think it's harmful, but it would probably affect the smell/taste of your buds.

What are you trying to fix with neem? Keep in mind that it will only affect bugs that actually eat your leaves.


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It breaks down in about 2 weeks or so I'm told, so some say only the first 4 weeks of flowering every 3rd day. Should have trouble free plants. I started flowering 6 days ago , My plants havent sexed yet, but I have sprayed them once and am due for another tomorrow. No Ill effects either. I will stop in week 4 unless trouble arrives after. I foilar feed every other day, with plain Ph'd water, I have had no signs of any pests to date.