Need help with led light decision!

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    My personal recommendation...if you have deep enough the kind k3 l600. It set me back about 600 bucks (actually a deal for this light, guy at hydro store hooked me up since I paid cash for a whole set up), but it really is impressive. It's an intense light so make sure you don't put it too close, I hang mine as close to the top of the tent as I can get it, same size tent as yours, and I never experienced any excessive stretch other than what's normal during the transition from veg to just does its thing and makes barely any heat, I don't even have an exhaust fan in the tent, just a 12" rotating fan set on low knocking around the tops and all bottom vents open and one top vent open...never gets above 78 in there and RH stays around 45% (irrelevant though because this is dependent upon your environment and mine may different than yours but just throwing that out there).

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    Not many LED guys are fans of KIND lights, due to price tag vs performance and tech used.

    But I would still like to see a real example of a grow and hear your numbers, actual wattage , yield in size of space ect. You got any pics?

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    the cheapest way to get high efficiency LEDS is with bridgelux strips, they can produce up to 165lpw and driven at up to 700ma require no heat sink.and only cost about 25-30 cents per watt.I still prefer T5s but have done test grows with LEDs and 150 watt HPS.but a light using bridgelux strips can be built for as much or less than a vipraspectra grow light and will give you a lot more light and radiant power

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    Heres my Big Bud manifoled.. Just started week 4 of flower its under a galaxyhydro 300w and 2 36w blurple bulbs so its less then 200 actual watts of blurple led.

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