Nectar of the gods ? Looking for input from people who used


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I’ve been using earth juice seablast this year with amazing results . It’s becoming almost impossible to find except online with insane shipping prices .

today I went to my local store and found nectar of the gods , by the gallon . I believe the 4 different jugs were gaia, Medusa , Herculean , and Zeus .

Are these organic ? Also has anyone used this lineup before with quality results ? I bought 4 gallons of each at a price that was too good to pass up . 10 dollars a gallon . Worst case scenario I’ll feed it to my tomatoes peppers onions etc .


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Mdid some research and they’re not organic . Seems like everybody likes it that uses it aside from the price point , which I’ve gotten for 75-80% less than what most pay


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Hi @DoubleD5374 I'm thinking of switching over to SeaBlast. How often do you use it and how much do you use per feeding?
It’s highly concentrated . I use a tbsp per 2.5 gallons of the seablast grown and my plants seem to love it - i just switched over to the nectar of the gods 3 days ago and plants are looking amazing .
This is one of my shortest gg photo’s at around 4 foot IMG_2311.jpeg

it’s stacked heavily . I’m quickly finding out that hand watering a large crop with coco outdoors is more work then I bargained for - but the seablast was much simpler than the notg line . Mixing 4 parts in every 2.5 gallon can , is a pita .
I have a 25 lb bag of seablast bloom en route as well for when the ladies start to show off some flower


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You gotta read the NFTG bible to really understand and utilize the line.

great results and a fun line to run. I dove too deep with it and my running costs were too high. It’s also a LOT of mixing and you need to do a lot of slurry tests until you get a good grasp on it. Do a search on here and find the master thread on NFTG. Lots of great info on it.