Mycorrhizae" mykos pure mycorrhizal inoculant all natural...anyone use??? Please

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    Hey guys i recently have been experimenting i am a organic all natural grower for my medicine, i picked up some of these packs of the mykos, it says apply after transplant and the roots have to be touching, you have use this in soil, rockwool and any root supporting media. All i know is it is a soil fungus that factilitates the breaking down and transporting of nuts to the roots, basically what you can read on the pack lol, but has and does anyone use it and give it 1 2 3 4 5 stars??? I am about to transplant also while im thinking about it i bought some fabric pots, those will be new as well, i hear the air flow to the roots really helps with these and, with draining, can i get a 1 2 3 4 5 stars on that to lol!? Just trying to get opinions!!!!! I try to help so hopefully someone will help me :)...also i will be posting some of my pics soon, i really need to watch some cloning videos, i am a great grower, i have have several successful grows i and i have some killer genetics now, i dont want to keep ordering and ordering. Anyone with any good videos or any good info please let me know where it is :) one love!!!

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    really NO ONE...i know it comes in some soils but i i am talking about these packs of it should i mix it in or just apply when transplant? please anyone help as i always help my fellow RIU members :) ONE LOVE

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    Bump on this ancient thread! The guy behind the counter at the local GS handed me a pack of this MYKOS as I was buying containers to transplant into. He said to give it a try, but didn’t have much more to say other than, “well, every bit helps, am I right?” So I’m just curious as to anyone else’s experience with this and if they would recommend using it?

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    Endomycorrhizal is for plants ectomycorrhizal is for trees
    Buy endo and apply early like seedlings or clone stage and itll teipple ur root mass but yeah pick up a book dude

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    Its all ober nature man like 98% of plants habe it lol
    Dr. Who

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    If it has to touch the roots. It's got a type of myco that works by eating or digesting the cellulose being "shed" by the roots and converting that back to a food, used by the plant and the other fungal's in the soil also.

    If the soil you use has them already (depending on how well they're active and the spectral spread of the myco's in that soil). You might not need it.
    Yet, adding more won't hurt in that manor either

    If your synthetic feeding. It's a good thing.

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    I've used those thingies now for a couple of years / 4-5 grows. I can't tell wtf they are doing in there but my root balls are always throughout the whole container. On my second organic grow and using my Fox Farm bloom and Dynagro line up for outside flowers and shit. Once you go organic you won't go back to salts.
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