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    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to share a few pictures of my latest round of trees. These are 5 weeks in, I'll take them to almost 10 weeks. I should be pushing close to 7 lbs out of this run. 4 plants, 5000w.

    20160130_163437.jpg 20160130_161748.jpg
    a senile fungus

    a senile fungus Well-Known Member

    How large do you veg them before flip? Room dimensions? Looks to be about 12x12 or so??

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Lisa martinez

    Lisa martinez Well-Known Member

    AWESOME !!
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    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    Ya its a 12x12 room. I veg for 5-6 weeks, I like to wait until the tops have almost reached my chin. Then I'll move them into the flower room and start 12/12.


    That's the veg Room in full swing. Plants under the T-5 are week old clones. The plants to the right are about 4 weeks in veg. They are under 1000w MH, and I got two plants in dirt that I'm going to be keeping as mom's.

    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    very nice ,back in the day that was the only way to go.
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    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    This allows me to keep my plant count low. While still producing what I need for meds for everyone.

    GrowBros122 New Member

    Those are pretty big but it wont yield 7lbs maybe 3-4 that's still good for low plant count..look at these plants going they are 5-6 foot and vegged for months and will probably only yield close to half p each
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    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    Man this isn't my first run like this. My last run was a couple of grams under 6lbs...these plants stacked nicer and are filling out faster. I guarantee it's over 6.5lbs this run.

    It's funny how people who haven't even been in the room can offer advice on estimated yield. Thanks, but try again.

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    nice man! 5 weeks left to swell...
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    LOFT Member

    man i wish i could get a decent yield out of a 1x2 x 1.2 tent but no idea how to do a decent vert in one

    This looks nuts!!
    Been in rooms with 18 - 20 big plants and yeilded roughly the same with 4800 watts worth of 600's overhead
    Nice grow mate massive respect
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    copperfacedave Active Member

    Sick love it
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    copperfacedave Active Member

    What's the strain?

    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    This is a BC cut of Violator Kush. Not a lot of guys growing this one out locally, as it takes almost 10 weeks to finish properly. But the nose on this plant and the resin produced are out of this world.

    lawlrus Well-Known Member

    Please don't muck up somebody's thread with your ignorance...

    PK, nice setup, looking forward to this for sure.

    LOFT Member

    what would you suggest for a 1.2 tent to get a good yield?
    Just topped two seedlings at their second true node and i have done a flat scrog before with 13oz result from one plant
    Maybe a vertical scrog with a net up either side of the tent? one net for each plant?

    EDIT: i only have 3 x 600 watt ballasts to my disposal

    copperfacedave Active Member

    Cheers, looking forward to the show.

    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    Sorry man, I'm not really the best one to answer that for you. I've never dealt with growing in tents and small spaces like that. My first grow I went big, 10,000w in a 21'√ó13' room. I've since remodeled the grow space and split my room into 2 with 5000w each.

    I can see a few issues with wanting a vert scrog in there. 3 600w bulbs is a lot of heat in that small space. However if you could control the heat, stacking 2 in the middle would be best I think.

    With only having the one space to grow in, I would think short veg times is a must. Otherwise your going to have long turn around times. Vegging 2 plants in soil up through a vertical scrog is going to take some time, if your in hydro you might be able to cut a week or two off total veg time, but it's still going to take a while.

    If it was up to me, and I was in a small tent. I'd probably take a bunch of clones veg for 1 week and flip, SOG style.

    Or maybe grow 4 medium sized plants in a perpetual style, so your cutting one down every 2 weeks. But that would require a small clone box or something so you can keep the perpetual going.

    Just spit ballin here.
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    digging Well-Known Member

    Hi PKhydro,

    Very intrigued with your set up
    Would you please give details of your growing system ?

    Thanks so much
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    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    No problem. I'm running a top feed/recirculating hydro system. I honestly don't know what it would be called. It's pretty close to RDWC but my roots aren't sitting in water, the water runs through the root system and then drains back to my reservoir. My water pump is on the same timer as my lights, if the lights are on the plants are being fed. Lights go out, pump stops and the roots get their dry cycle. They seem to love this.

    I took a 3 gal bucket, drilled a shit load of holes in the bottom and made myself a basic homemade net pot. The 3 gal bucket is filled with freshly washed lava rock, and then I put it inside a 5gal bucket. This leaves like a 5"-6" space for the roots to fill. I like this, because when it comes time to move plants from the veg room to flower room, I just grab the 3gal bucket pull it out from the the 5gal bucket, carry it into the flower room and drop it into the same system in there.

    20151221_163640.jpg Here is a good picture to show the buckets in the veg room. The 3gal is stacked on top of the 5gal. I have 2 stages of growth in veg because I'm running 2 flowering rooms. So they need separate systems with their own reservoir to control the food to each stage. 20151214_171951.jpg This is me pulling the 3gal pot out, showing the root mass that grows between the buckets.

    Because I'm running 2 flowering rooms it's kind of like running a perpetual grow. I keep my rooms 4-5 weeks apart (sometimes shit happens, and the schedule gets bumped around). Once plants go into flower I wait 2 weeks to cut clones, 2 weeks to root, then Veg for 5-6 weeks and keep the cycle going.
    NOTE: If this doesn't make sense and you would like clarification just ask. I'm stoned.

    As for nutrients I'm running GH micro, grow, bloom. And the odd dose of Calmag. I flush my reservoirs once every 2 weeks unless there is an issue. I also give a weekly H2o2 dose, just to keep everything sterile.

    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    If I missed something or there are any other questions, just fire away. I'll be happy to try and answer them.
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