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    Brosgrows New Member

    I was wondering how much I could yield with 600w light. This is my first grow and here are my specs I haven’t started yet and need some pointers so all help is awesome. When I do start I plan to post pictures and start a grow journal for pointers and help and for everyone to come for my adventure.


    Grow medium and nutes
    I am growing in soil or a soiless medium (haven’t decided need help)!
    I am using Remo nutes
    I’m using a 20 gal fabric pot for one and 2x 10 gal pots for the other 2
    I am vegging with a 600w MH fusion bright bulb
    Also using the same brand ballast. I’m using a wing reflector (also same brand)
    I’m blooming with a 600w super hps fusion bright bulb
    Feel free to look it up
    Grow space
    I have a whole room I can dedicate but I want to buy a grow tent or build one I do not have a plan for ventilation yet but I do have an ac and it is the winter. Using a wing reflector will be hard in terms of controlling heat during the summer so I also need some pointers here

    Grow technique
    I’m using the manifold method
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    Hugo Phurst

    Hugo Phurst Well-Known Member

    First few grows, go soil, it's the most forgiving medium for when you fuck up. I recommend a "Pro" grade potting soil.
    Start with only a few plants so you don't get overwhelmed.
    A flat white paint works well in a grow room.
    600w HPS is fine for a 4x4 tent, if you want to go bigger, you'll need more light. For example I had 1,600W MH & HPS in a 4x8 tent and it was....adequate.
    You will need air flow, ventilation and odour control, a carbon filter/fan is a must.

    Have fun
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    Brosgrows New Member

    I live in Canada and a pro grade potting soil like fox farms (which recently I’ve seen has been getting shitty reviews) it’s ridiculously expensive, I’ve herd brands like promix have a few mixes that work well, I’ll look around but shouldn’t be too hard and I have air flow down just not venting

    yellowrx03 Well-Known Member

    I grow both hydro [DWC] and in soil. I use fox farm soil and had no problems. But yes start off with soil and you definitely want to get some ventilation and odor control. And as far as yield goes. Since it's your first grow dont expect much. It's more of a learning experience with the whole process of growing from getting your set up to germinating seeds to temps ,nutes, soil drying and curing all goes into play. I'd say gather as much info as you can. That way you can dial everything in and get the max yield for your next grow.

    promedz Member

    i think a Pro mix hp qualifies also

    jcloud777 Member

    I never ran promix, im running fox farms ocean forest. The plants needed extra magnesium. Go ahead try promix some people use it. On Amazon fox farms ocean forest is cheap. I would suggest roots organics though. It's also on amazon. Im try roots organics my next run.

    Brosgrows New Member

    I’ve already been doing a lot of research and I’ve grown a plant before but never indoors so it’ll be new for me so nutes shouldn’t be the hardest but temps and should no one lives in the house I am using I could use ona gel it’s just not in my budget to get a carbon filter or exhaust fan but I can get it later in the grow, germinating the seeds should go through like flying colours

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