Mother Earth- UNPROFESSIONAL- I rather go without medicine!

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    I am a patient in Southern New Mexico. I ran out of medicine. The only distributor in Southern New Mexico is Mother Earth in Las Cruces. I would rather go without medicine for a couple of days than to BUY medicine from this place.

    First of all, they make you set an appointment when you want to PURCHASE medication. They also ask that you place an order for your medicine before you even see it. Who does that? If their medicine was always top quality, we would not have to worry about this. Their medicine is mid- grade at best.

    I spoke to the OWNER about this (vivian). She said that she suggests we buy a gram of anything we want to try, then call back and order what we want. This is unreasonable because they charge 15/g for ALL THEIR MEDICINE, regardless of quality. They also have a 45 dollar minimum. I did what she asked. I purchased a few strains. I went back and ordered the one I wanted, and it was of lesser different quality.

    Worst of all, the two people that work there smoke cigarettes all the time. This is only an issue because the little office the SELL out of constantly smells of cigarette smoke. This has to be bad for most PATIENT'S health.

    Mother Earth is taking advantage of all the patients in the Southern New Mexico area because there is no other alternative. The streets have better quality medicine, better customer service, and most importantly.......................MORE COMPASSION!

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    Since they got you by the nuts, there's not much you can do. These kinds of examples are popping up in many of the "legal" states i.e. high prices, medium quality, shaky operators, bug issues with clones......etc.
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    you should get a hold of Budding Hope or GrassRoots they will deliver to you and the medication is GREAT and prices are competitive... if you need info on contacting them let me know i got all of that.. theres no need for you to have to deal with that kind of treatment.

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    I know this is old thread, but saw it trying to look up the creep bags number.
    Las Cruces is saved! There's finally a real one out here that is
    walk in/no appointment
    regular, non arrogant, non hateful people
    they can be a little nosy about loading up if you are like, an old lady grabbing max amounts every other day, but regular buying seems like regular business
    Edibles and oils are good, herb is too
    delivery is only one day a week, but $5 and a min of $30 on delivery order.
    Happy shopping Las Cruces!

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