Modding the Inkbird Temp/Humidity controller for 1 output

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    These are great

    BUT they have two separate outputs for temp and humidity. I thought i was all set as it was cycling and keeping temp correct (humidity just naturally fell in line and wasnt tripping during daylight cycles)

    i go look at my tent during dark cycle and the fan is off and 90% humidity! no bueno! fortunately it was early into flowering. turns out humidity controls a second output which had nothing on it (and my tent only has one exhaust fan anyway

    if youre in a tent and want one exhaust fan to be controlled in those ranges you have to bridge the two relay outputs.

    the easiest way to do this is to open up the dongle with the 2 AC output plugs. you'll see the blue and brown 110V AC outputs from the relay tied into the hot terminals of the receptacles. I cut a 1" piece of 16 stranded out of a scrap extension cord and soldered it between the two terminals (easy as they are already solder joints, just tin your wire and its not a big deal.

    Be careful if you think your solder joints arent up to 10 AC circuit, maybe ask a buddy for help if youre uneasy. its a 5 min job . you could also do it without modding your unit by making a "Y" cord with two males and a single female socket where you tie the hots together in the female socket housing (you can do that "loop" wiring people sometimes do to wire receptacle sin series). this would makes the "mod" reversable and return the controller to dual output when the cable wasnt being used
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    dbrn32 Active Member

    Very cool! I do have a question..... will this turn on your output when either the temp or humidity circuits are made, or would it require the both the the temp sensor and humidity sensor calling for fan to run?

    I don't have one of these, yet. So I'm not familiar with how the circuit is completed from the factory. Thank you!

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I'd say if they're bridged they'll both turn on the same fan if either parameters is breached.

    dbrn32 Active Member

    Depending on how the circuit is laid out and where you're installing bridge, I would agree. But, if the power must go though one switch then another it would require both. If this mod grabs power from both the temp and humidity sensor and sends both to the same output, what are the chances of either developing a slightly higher resistance? Any difference in potential within the circuit could then potentially create a short if both sensors activated.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Set both terminals to active and see if your circuit tester registers anything from the two outlets when plugged into the opposing top two wires. Ie: neutral on the left connector and active on the right connector.

    dbrn32 Active Member

    I don't have an inkbird. Was trying to find out prior to purchasing.

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    Use these extensively, they're freaking awesome. Quick questions since you seem to be technical with these. The temperature probe wires can be extended using a headphone extension cord but the humidity sensor cords are hard wired into the controller, which make it difficult to place correctly in a large tent and still keep the controller outside the tent, any idea how to extend? IMG_3350.JPG As you can see in the pic, every inch of humidity probe wire is being used lol

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