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From what I hear you can find phenos that have marshmallow terps which I find pretty cool. I love all 3 strains in this cross, favorite being Triangle Kush...then ChemD followed by jet fuel gelato. Actually Triangle and Chem D might be a tie.
Been hearing that Hollywood Pure Kush was supposedly close to smelling like Marshmallow. Stray Fox recently dropped a couple of HPK crosses including Hollywood Marshmallow (Black Marshmallows x HPK)


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I thought I posted this here but I gots these, traded for a cut of my jokerz(white runtz x jet fuel gelato)....yay for me- and anyone that smokes my bud-
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I have one of these going into week 3 flower this Sunday. I got it as a freebie cut from PinkBox. She is growing slow and short in my setup.
I was just wondering if it’ll be worth it to take some cuts from her for the next round. what’s the nose & high like?