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    Light stress using vero optic led. I have two plants in one tent. One is auto gigabud from G 13 labs, and the other is Barneys farm LSD. I started noticing a little touch of yellowing on the newer growth on the LSD plant. I misdiagnosed this as a deficiency, until I noticed that it was only on the leaves directly under the light. The auto gigabud had very little to no stress at all.

    Here’s a pic of them in one tent together

    And a pic of the light damaged leaves
    I decided it was time to separate the two since one was more susceptible to extreme light. It’s pretty common to run into this using cob led. I had two lenses on the vero optic led, and I removed those, and raised it up, and the lsd plant bounced right back and continued on with lush green growth.
    I just wanted to post this for you newer cob led growers, like myself. They are getting more and more popular as ppl realize that they are not the led of yesteryear. You just gotta know what to look for and you can catch problems earlier then I did.

    One more of both tents:

    Also, feel free to follow my journal. Link in my signature, but t just in case, here’s a link.

    I will be putting a scrog screen over the plant on right, The Barney’s Farm LSD in the next entry. Hope to see some new faces!
    Happy growing!
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