Just sunburn right?

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    Greetings everyone! :weed:

    I've been lurking around the forum for a little while but I finally have a reason to start a thread.

    By the way this is my first grow so forgive me if I'm not using proper terminology. I started growing because I am very sick of paying money for something that is fun and easy to grow. Not to mention I find it overall more sensible and safer to grow your own delicious flowers rather than having to deal with "a guy".

    I'll shut up now and get to the facts: I was out of town all of last week. I left my mom in charge of the girl and I came home to find what looked like burnt spots.

    I'm growing just one plant outside on my patio. I started it from bag seed but the guy I got it from said the strain came from a Blueberry/Bubblegum cross, "Bubbleberry".

    I water the plant generously every morning, and I've just started watering in the early afternoon, as it has just begun to flower.

    The growing medium probably isn't anything you guys would recognize. I just purchased the medium which contained the highest N at the time. But it seems to be working great. As I mentioned before, this is my first attempt and thus far, everything has been growing great :)

    I've been carefully keeping track of the milestone days to make sure I do this the right way. The plant is officially 70 days in from sprout, the pistils were shown 16 days ago. Does that make it 16 days into flowering?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, Overall I'm extremely impressed with the knowledgeable users on this forum and I already know I'm going to love this community.

    If this looks like sunburn, can you please tell me if this is going to harm the flowers at all? Should I keep it out of the hot sun if the temperature starts to rise again?

    I want to apologize in advance for the beyond awful picture quality. If you are unable to provide an analysis, I thank you for your efforts in trying.

    Thanks again guy, happy to be here.

    Edit: Oh yeah, I haven't used any nutes at all so far. Just good old fashion sunshine and water.

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    Mysticlown150 Well-Known Member

    That looks like the sun burned the leaves to me. Maybe it was focusing on that specific area. I've had that on my outdoor plants to. It's the middle of the summer in ny and it's like 95 degrees

    Mysticlown150 Well-Known Member

    Also is there a bigger tree that can provide shade to the plant? From my experience my plants like a shadey area which is about 5 degrees coolor than when it's just straight in the sun. 5 degrees in hot weather believe it or not can make a difference in growth and burns.
    tatah tay1500boy

    tatah tay1500boy Member

    but can the burned leaves damage the plant cuz i have the same problem
    Dyna Ryda

    Dyna Ryda Well-Known Member

    not to sure about you problem sorry. But, I'm growing bubbleberry too. Just wondering does your stalk have purple like the leaf stems? Mine have a lot of purple in it.

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    obijohn Ceiling cat is watching you...

    Finally! Someone else having the same issue. Just happened out of the blue for my friends grow, in the middle of the
    leaves just like that...and no one could diagnose the problem.

    Agreed, it looks like sun bleaching. But around here, it's been in the nineties to low one hundreds every summer, and her past grows in the same conditions never had that. Plus, in the past week iwhen it started happening it wasn't particularly hot.

    So at least in her case, it's not just the sun. Either it's another issue, or something in the plant triggered a reaction to the sun

    In case you are interested, here's a link to another thread about this with pics and specifics, and input. Still not sure what the deal is. But let's see if we can find a common thread. What did your mom do differently than you while the plant was in her care?


    obijohn Ceiling cat is watching you...

    Haha just noticed this thread is years old!

    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

    You gotta some issues there what are you using Miracle Gro Nutes this is all I wanna know I'm not going to read all that to find it out~

    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    I know this is old but I read it all lol and no nutes

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