Just built cloner 7 days no roots

Discussion in 'Aerogardeners' started by Fluffyhead22, Apr 21, 2018.


    Cold$moke Well-Known Member


    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Try continuous unless the water goes over 80 :)
    Clones like it warm but they can mush out on ya if its too warm

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    9 days,
    Clone King aero.
    non PH'd tap water,
    24/7 pump,
    18/6 light sched,
    flouro , 18" above

    digging Well-Known Member

    Those roots look great, especially at 9 days, good work @BobBitchen

    I have a Power Cloner 77 in progress right now. First Roots showed on day 13. I am on day 15 today.

    The whole idea of using a cloning machine is so intriguing. Automate Automate Automate :))))

    I have read lots on setup of these machines, and will continue to try to up my game with future cycles.

    Fluffyhead22 Well-Known Member

    Nice brother. So you're sprayers is on 24/7. I went to 45on 15off. I took new cuts. And I'm on day 3 .Will see hoping to get some results. I really don't want to have to reveg this plant. I definitely don't want to lose her she's something special
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    Fluffyhead22 Well-Known Member

    It's funny I got roots. But on a different strains. One that I took to see if it was the strain givimt me a hard time
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    BleedsGreen Well-Known Member

    Some strains take longer then others my snowcap seems to take forever to root but the LOG and BB root in a week usually,
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    Fluffyhead22 Well-Known Member

    Yes the sherb breath took like 7 days. The purple punch is going to take 2 weeks. Been 12days. Just got root bumps
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    Fluffyhead22 Well-Known Member

    Everything rooted. It's all about patience. I'm happy I built my clone bucket. It. Cost like 30 dollar better than some of the stuff I've seen online for 80-160
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    Kid Kannabi5

    Kid Kannabi5 Active Member

    30 on 30 off just sounds crazy to me! Too much time with no oxygen rich solution! I run mine 24/7 always have. I get 100%. Most have roots in first 5-7 days some take a few more days, but they all go. If I was you I'd shelf that timer, and run continuously. You don't want your solution to spike over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. (I do have a small computer type fan built into the side to keep heat down, but it doesn't do much if anything) Good luck

    shawnery Active Member

    My understanding is that higher temps, up to 74 at least, are better for cloning? Obviously you have to run a sterile system to achieve healthy roots with those temps though. I've ve also read that ph doesn't matter till there are roots showing?

    Is this totally wrong?

    DancesWithWeeds Active Member

    Those are beautiful roots.
    Question: Can clones started in a cloner like this be transplanted to soil?

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    Yes. I use to do it all the time with no ill effect on the plants. Just hold the plant about where you want it in the pot with one hand and fill the pot with dirt with the other. Water it in good and give it plenty of light. Then you off and running.
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    shawnery Active Member

    I've read but have no experience that the longer you allow the roots to get the more accustomed to that medium they become.

    Just read it multiple places but no personal experience!
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    DancesWithWeeds Active Member

    That sounds super. Do the roots not have a tendency to ball up or do they spread out? A cloner sounds like something to have if doing a perpetual grow, which is what I am planing.

    DancesWithWeeds Active Member

    Which medium are you talking about, what they are rooted in on the soil?

    shawnery Active Member

    In a aero cloner I consider water the medium but not the right word to use. After that the medium could be any number of things. I'm sure there's an appropriate term but that's what I used, sorry!

    DancesWithWeeds Active Member

    I'll have to check out aero cloners. Don't know anything about them. My first 4 clones are in the grow room now and doing fine. They came from plant I'm mainlining and about 3 inches high. Never did that before either.
    bird mcbride

    bird mcbride Well-Known Member

    If you can't afford an expensive digital timer you can go with a cheap digital timer and a $5, 40 amp, 12 vdc relay, that can be found in most automotive departments.. Any 12 vdc plug in adapter can be used to trigger the relay. This works for lights also. Overloading a digital timer usually causes it to lose its memory.

    I still use a cloning bin with no moving parts.

    Larry3215 Well-Known Member

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