is this lighting enough?

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    250W Envirogro warm white CFL 2700k , 150W blue CFL 6400k and a envirgro t5 2x55W propagation lighting
    i actually have a 600w HPS but im in a 80x80x160cm grow tent so the heat is too much rn will i have issues with this light set up? i know it will be enough through veg what about budding?

    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Those sound like "conversion watts" rating for your cfl. That means nothing to us, only real watt rating. But if those are the real watts than sure should be fine.

    Flagg420 Well-Known Member

    Agree, are these grow bulbs? E39 Mogul socket, big ass, 12" to 18" long, big fuckers......

    Or just large lamp CFL bulbs?

    I got Flourowing reflectors with 125/250 CFLs so if you are using them they too will generate a decent amount of heat...but with all that lighting in that space which... i am calculating to be just shy of 3ft by 3ft, with about a 5ft height....if you train them like hell, they will work, but, you just have no light penetration more than say 2 inches...

    Remember, the light is one of the core elements of growing. Nutes are nutes are nutes... growing medium is just a preference. Additives are bullshit.

    Light, temp, water, humidity, and a ready supply of nutes. The rest is just sales gimmicks.

    If you want to keep the light penetration, high output, and keep temps down.... make the investment into a 315w CMH setup.

    I did last year, and I wish I had done it way sooner. Both my 600w MH veg lamps are now 315w CMH but the temps have dropped 10-15degrees (f) and the run in open hoods with a single exhaust in the room now.

    I got this one x2 and added bulbs at another 50-60 each. Used my pre-existing 600 setup, just swapped the ballast, popped in the socket adapter, and it was good to go. Wnded up removing the glass from the hood later.

    Its a $150 or so investment but its WORTH it. Better color, better light penetration, lower power usage, lower temps.... You will love it. I am moving my flower room to DE CMH 630's over the summer.
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    LowOriginz Member the two CFL and then heres the t5 i will be buying a 315 for my next grow but right now i cant afford it all these lighting the guy and i have agreed to 30 pounds

    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Just draw a picture of the sun, make sure to use yellow and orange, then shine a flashlight at it. It works about as good as a 315 cmh, or a 1000 watt hps if you draw it real good if your on a budget an heat is a concern.

    LowOriginz Member

    lol how about you fuck off the thread and go troll somewhere else looking for help only

    LowOriginz Member

    i just bought a
    LUMII SOLAR 630W CDM TWIN FIXTURE off of my mate for 70 so looks like im alright


    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure i did help above. Then you listed your budget so i told you something you could afford... heh

    Im sure youll be a all knowing pro here soon an wont need help anyways
    Logan Burke

    Logan Burke Well-Known Member

    Bite the bullet and make the 315w will certianly make your investment money back. Growing can be expensive when you try to use 'band-aid' solutions to hold you over until you make the real investment, simply because you're throwing money down the drain when you know you're going to be moving to a more permanent light anyways...better to just jump straight to that light in the first place.

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