INKBIRD New Product Giveaway - FREE LB1000 LED Grow Light


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Greetings RIU members!:hump:Hope that you're having a wonderful day.

Our sub-brand has recently launched a new product. We're giving away the newest LUXBIRD LB1000 LED grow light to you nice people here.;-)

:arrow: Rule for entry
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:arrow:The prize
LB1000 LED Grow Light
LB1000 consumes only 100w, high energy efficiency with 2.5μmol/J that increase your yield 50% compare with the HPS or other SMD LEDs or Blurple lamps. One perfect for 2.5 x 2.5 ft grow tent and two for 5x5 ft. Single light maximum coverage is 3x3 ft.

More details of the prize can be found here:

The winner will be picked up at random according to the order of comments. Package will be directly shipped to you. We cover shipping costs so everything is free!
Giveaway ends Oct. 20th.

If you want to order on your own, we're doing a huge sale on this new light. :!: 30% OFF discount is available for limited time!!
USA store: (15% off on-page coupon+15% off code 7R6CNL5X)
Canada store: (15% off on-page coupon+15% off code RX5RE7A8)

Welcome to participate in this giveaway, each entrant has a chance to win!