I love to smoke, and I love to do yoga.. Anyone have any experience mixing those two?

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    I think I'd rip myself a new one if I had to try yoga.
    Luckily my brain is fried enough to sometimes feed me lucid and clear images of beautiful mosque roof type patterns and legends.
    Normally happens when I am super relaxed, it is so clear I can sit and describe it to the person next to me as I am seeing it.
    Often wondered if that state is what people meditate and do yoga for? Visual qualities aside it is not like when you get the same type of visual on DMT and the ego disappears, there is no observer left, only the observation as a self-feeding loop.

    Oh, I love to smoke...
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    Johnei Well-Known Member

    Reading this what came to mind was, cables holding up bridges for example, without flexibility, they are weak and will snap. Flexibility adds to their strength and able to withstand higher loads. Our muscle fibers resemble this.
    Flexibility is strength.

    WinnyBoyBlue Active Member

    You're comparing something purely mechanical in nature to something biological, even though they are a good comparison :) ...its not a truly realistic one. Steel wires are used since they are very strong when linked together and can move easily when needed (Great Range of Motion) but whats holding up the bridge ? The Flex, or the Integrity of the Steel. It's the Strength caused by the Steel, but the Flex helps that steel stay strong when in movement. I'm not Denying the fact that being flexible will allow you to increase your strength infact I agree with it severely, but being flexible DOES NOT increase your strength without composition training..it allows you to perform better when doing it...in turn granting a higher ROM and more muscle tearing, but this is only to a certain threshold specific to the individual and is at best an average increase...especially if you know how to target those hard to activate muscles.

    Tearing Muscle = Building Muscle and Strength
    Higher Flexibility = Higher Range of Motion (ROM)

    Higher ROM + Muscle Tearing = Larger Overall Muscle Activation/Buildup.

    If you ask any PT or SS, they will tell you to focus far less on the stretching...and more on the excercise and diet itself. Recent studies actually show too much stretching is terrible for your muscles and can lead to problems, included a reduced buildup of muscle and tons of density issues.

    TrashPanda Active Member

    FWIW, I prefer yoga stoned. Granted I'll cough a couple times when getting into tough positions and overall I feel like it's harder to catch my breath. If I'm taking it easy it's awesome. If I want a hard workout I'll wait to imbibe until after the yoga session.

    MrTHCCBD Member

    My girlfriend combines the two all the time as she finds it enhances the experience! Combining weed and yoga is a fairly controversial subject though as many argue that developing your focus and purity could be hindered by cannabis, but others find its use enables them to explore their practice more deeply.

    What kind of yoga do you practice?

    Happy Vaping!
    Uncle Dank
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    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    Celibate? We disapprove strongly. Not good for overall health. Boo Hiss.
    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    Oh... back on topic...I love to surf stoned. Sometimes I stink because of it. But I have had my absolutely best sessions while high! Roll the dice.
    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    And I believe photos are relevant. You know we insist on pictures on this site for accurate diagnosis!

    MrTHCCBD Member

    Yes!! cannabis definitely helped my exploration, increased my focus and removed my mental barriers. Helped me really get in to it!
    The only downside is that it does make certain poses more difficult.... my balance isnt quite there after a few hits of the bowl

    Uncle Dank

    BuzzyGuzzy Member

    I haven't tried smoking while doing Yoga. I'm curious and would like to try but I need a Yoga Pants. and when I do, i'll try to be like Dhalsim doing the Yoga Fire and Yoga flame technique. Lol
    Cheesy Bo' Greesy

    Cheesy Bo' Greesy Well-Known Member

    Never tried yoga however have tried stretching the type that really works out your muscles. Felt stronger, happier and more euphoric overall when doing so 5 to 6 days per week.

    Added a nice boxing routine/workout to that and never felt better! It was amazing.
    Need to get back into it.

    3 stepsons, and a crazy girlfriend later (love you honey!) Im lucky if I get out on the mountain bike twice a week nowadays lol.

    PatrickPews New Member

    yeah, helps calm the nerves. helps me cuz i ocassionally get anxious, which only results in 1 - lethargy and 2 - anxiousness

    LetsGetSmiggidy Member

    one of the greatest combinations I know of! Sometimes when I'm high with other plans I end up gravitating towards yoga and ditching the other plans lol. My body is like stretch meeeee!!! lol

    AmyDonohue New Member

    If anyone lives in the Phoenix area, follow Medicated Mavens, Cannakula, and DoMM Boutique. We have a lot of medicated yoga and meditation classes here.
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    ticklykayak Active Member

    I've tried Yoga only. I'm not used to smoking.

    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    I think its a better idea to smoke afterwards.... I mean, at least personally... I notice I tend to get a lot more frustrated with myself in attempting difficult positions and tend to not really be as mindful or aware of stuff like my breathing when im blitzed out of my gourd so.... yea... idk maybe its different for everyone, I mean I get high before, during and after a roll... but yogas different..

    1alexie Member

    I don't smoke before and after doing yoga as I have already found my relaxation after doing so. I prefer smoking whenever I am stress for work, but not while doing a workout routine.

    AmyDonohue New Member

    It's really awesome and makes the experience even better, especially for the meditation. I've been practicing for about 25 years, so I don't get any sort of frustration. Yoga isn't about getting into difficult poses. It's about being in that moment and breathing through it. :cool:

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Back in the 60's I'd get high and stand on my head for awhile. Couldn't do that now lol.

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