Hey son, wanna grow weed together?


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Treated with water ph to 5.8-5.9 and ProCal 1 ml/ gal last night because its probably lockout not an actual deficiency in the medium.


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There is no way a plant that young is suffering from a deficiency or in need of cal mag. Definitely not lockout either.

It's just a baby. Dont kill it trying to correct a problem that isnt there


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Thanks! So the brown spots can just happen? It was accompanied by the stem turning from green to purple.
We stupud first timers.
We wondered if it could just have been stress from being planted but the brown dry first true leaves happened 5-6 days after planting.
Either way it was time to introduce nutrients anyway and I only added 1 ml of Pro Cal to <50% scheduled dosage and they're showing healthy growth.
Sorry no pic


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Leaf touched soil at some point and or got nutes on it and it got damaged.
Focus on new growth to determine if there is an issue with plant moving forward.


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Just ordered a 3x3 vivosun tent from Amazon in hopes that our 30x20" cabinet will be too small to flower 3 autos.
Next, a better light for flowering. Our 50W led + 4 x 23W CFLs will be too weak I think.

Diy kit, cob or maybe a mars ts1000 would best fit our already failed beg, borrow, steal, budget.
Trying to learn (reading and youtube) about how to diy an led light.


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Adult coloring book? :D
Or spitballing diy COB LED spacing for 3'x3'?

Next up, exploring optimal LED strip module spacing.

We eventually gonna needs to flower and I'd prefer not to do it with a 50W POS and 4x23W WW CFLs but between living on CERB and inflated prices due to higher demand we can't afford to splash out on a quality pre assembled light.

I plan to compare the cost and PPFD of a balanced lighting canopy with a COB setup to a PCB module setup. Using parts that can be bought in, or shipped to Canada for less than 300 CDN.

So far not much success with decoding diy part numbers online. So in the meantime we continue to read and learn and plan.

Constructive input appreciated. Is my goal even possible? Will I need to learn to build my own modules to keep cost low enough?

TGIF lol
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