HELP! 5 weeks flowering and stem broke...attempted to fix

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    Ruthieten Member

    So my plant is about 5 weeks into flowering, it is an indoor/outdoor plant, in a pot that we have been keeping on the porch, and it is inside in the dark at night. The seed is from a blueberry hybrid of some sort.
    So about 5 days ago one of the chairs on the porch that blocks the plant from below fell on it in the wind, and snapped one of the main stems (plant is topped, has two main shoots from the base) The stem didn't snap all the way, still had some connection to ittself.
    I uses two inscent stick ends to support both sides of the stem and tied string a few parts up the sticks so it is now standing up straight. It has been like this for a few days now and the stem isnt healing as i expected. The leaves above the break are very droopy. I try to put water on the stem at the break so water can get to those leaves. It has been droopy almost everyday since i splinted the stem, and it usually perks back up (although not fully) after a watering.
    My question is should i keep it going like this hoping it will heal itself? or should i cut it so the plant can continue flowering...because i think this ordeal is slowing it down a lot and taking all of its energy...which isn't very much since it is an outdoor plant and its been sunless weather recently.

    I have a picture of it from before it broke, just so you can have an idea of what it looks like. It is the shorter shoot that broke, and it broke about 2/3 of the way down, so i would lose basically half of my yeild....and can you smoke nugs that aren't finished growing?
    please somebody help me!!

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    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    Hey Ruthieten, welcome to RUI!

    "My question is should i keep it going like this hoping it will heal itself? or should i cut it so the plant can continue flowering."

    Keep it, likely it'll be fine. If the stem dies - keeping it will not harm the rest of the plant. If it lives you've got a great cola.

    I stem train and snap stems all the time, I rarely loose one. Check out Stem training in the Weed Science ebook download

    Do you have an after break picture?


    SmeLLyTreeZ Well-Known Member

    Yea like said above it will most likely be fine. I split one right where the two tops met and it healed no problem, nothing a little duct tape wont hold lol..

    Pureblood89 Well-Known Member

    buds look pretty small for 5 weeks, mine looked similar at 3 weeks

    Ruthieten Member

    the pictures are actually from about 3 or 4 weeks flowering, and i think it is going slowly because it doesn't get a lot of sun.

    So when it is healing is there anyway to tell? so far the stem is just very dark brown around the break, i dont see any new growth and it hasn't perked back up today after i watered the stem...i'm worried. ill try to get a picture of the break

    Ruthieten Member

    updated pictures...more advice please!
    look at the poor droopy has been doing that everyday since i splinted it, but it always perks up a little bit. not today

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    thewinghunter Active Member

    i use duct tape

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    It looks fine, splint and tape it.

    I use old stem pieces as splints and masking tape.


    Ruthieten Member

    took it out of the dark this morning, and the leaves on the broken side are almost dead... =(=(=(

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    Wilting is normal with a broken stem, but it could be a sign that the stem wound isn't set properly. These 4 plants were just trained CCOB, they look like they are dying but they just need a few days to recover.

    Jack The Ripper, Pandora's Box, 2 Chemdog

    Ruth mist the leaves with a sprayer, both sides of the leaves. Mist the stem wound.

    Check the wound, make sure that all broken pieces of the stem are touching, splint and retape. Do not break the wound apart to reset unless the stem is not set properly, it may have started to heal already. Plastic tubing, Saran Wrap, or duct tape will keep the moisture in, but there must be ventilation after a few days or the stem can rot.

    At this point you may loose the top part of that stem - it takes time for the wound to heal, we have to keep the plant as moist as possible to keep it alive. Soak the root ball and spray the leaves repeatedly until the stem recovers or you chop it.

    Can you post a pic?

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    nick559 Well-Known Member

    your buds look really small for 5 weeks, my purple widow are at 4 weeks and at least 5 times bigger.... i also got some ice at 2 weeks that look bigger!! what nutes are you using???

    photobot Member

    use a toothpick between the break

    Brokenneck Well-Known Member

    he had mentioned that he might not be getting enough direct sunlight.

    I've seem a piece of a drinking straw sliced down the middle and used as a splint.

    Ruthieten Member

    we cut the stem off at the break...turns out the brown strawlike piece inside the root was sticking out of the splint so i don't think it could properly heal...i think this was for the best. We are hanging the piece cut off, but can you smoke premature buds? i guess we'll see =).

    I'm a girl boyfriend does most of the stuff with the plant but i thought we needed some advice

    Goober617 Active Member

    Hey this happend to me and I splinted it right away. The leaves started to droop like yours and I had to foliar feed until the stem healed Wich was remarkabely quick, but check this out after 2 weeks I went to take the splint off because the stem seemed reconnected and the damn top fell Right OFF. Somehow the plant was still gettin it's nutes but never connected back to the other stem wierdest thing I've ever seen it's like the splint was just keeping the tonends touching Wichita alllowed nutes and such to flow thrue, so anywyas be very careful about taking off that splint and you might not want to due it all and just leave the splint if it's recovers. Also make sure and foliar feed with Water only until the leave start to poke up ya know???
    Never Say Die man

    Drufiss1 Active Member

    i just had this happen to me prolly 2 days the area where the 2 main branchs split down the middle somewhat. grabbed some electrical tape and wrapped about 3 layers or so really tight so they were back together and snugged nicely till they heal hopefully. so far no signs of droppy leaves yet, but its only been maybe 36hrs or so.
    Chitty raman

    Chitty raman New Member

    Hey . I was 2 weeks into flowering and one of my topped stem broke ,not completely though ,just a tad little bit. I taped my plant with a splint . It just happened now. I am so upset. Can someone help me. Will she recover because the leaves started to droop already. Need urgent help!!

    see4 Well-Known Member

    If those are 5 weeks into flower, they have to be the longest growing strains I've ever seen. That looks more like 2 weeks into flower. Are you stressing them?

    DeRealKlaus New Member

    How did your plant make out

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