Happy Birthday LaHottie!!!


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all I did was go swimming in the sea with 2 Pitbulls. They are so fucking aggressive aren’t they? I got scratched by a one year old swimming towards me!
The skin on my hands is ruined from steroid cream for eczema that I used years ago, it’s paper thin.
Now I can’t get it wet, wash my hair, I’m left handed, I’ve got work to do like you WOULD NOT believe.


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I always liked canned tomatoes better for sauce anyway. I almost feel like it’s a shame to waste a good homegrown tomato that has never been refrigerated by cooking it.
When you have 5 plants, you're going to have to make sauce. You can't eat all those and I only have so many neighbors I like. Lol.

Random- I’ve just measured my feet and they are 26cm long! I can’t believe it! Lol
Feel free to measure some more things.

I love statistics.