Growing monsters


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Thread really died huh?

Just harvested the first tops . A little early but they were dense and some rain came.

Biggest plant will be 93CCE206-3BA5-46C2-9A28-F43C6C38B9B5.jpeg

roughly 12-15 lbs depending on how it stacks.


Smallest was 7-8lbs

biggest plants I’ve grown so far

The pic with the dog is 500 gallons the smaller plants.
The last pic has some 1000 gallons on the lower shelf. These should be 12 +
Happy harvest 1 and all!



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Anyone still going ? We got a harvest window coming up . Moon is waxing and full
Trichs are perfect.
Smell is maturing and layering


1st pic is a 500 gallon , all the rest are 1000 gallons
Mostly well water on drip and extracts based off fish emulsions and a KNF principles ( I dont know much about knf but I have a couple secrets that work ;)

Post em up let’s see how your season went all , did anyone break a personal records ? I have literally the perfect microclimate , have been building soil for years and out of necessity have to grow large plants to be able to still be in “the game “
So what I’m saying is ..

don’t be shy .. be proud of your achievements as monster is subjective to your own patch , climate and skill .

I’d love to help anyone unlock their potential as I believes that a few Pointers and going organic is key to larger plants..
I’m not claiming to be an expert but ... I do have experience and would love to see you full season sungrown. &

If you’ve posted In this thread before ....
Let’s see you plants.
and here about your season ! Cheers 1 and all