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    thewanderer718 Well-Known Member

    My 3rd week using Mega Crop and nothing else and my girls love it (about to place my order for a big bag) Thanks !!!!!!!!
    Monster Mass 1.jpg Y Griega

    y griega 1.jpg Monster Mass
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    It only needs to be used like regular nutes when they are young. When my plants got bigger, I fed 1 gallon nute mix daily. However my plant was quite big. And a super heavy feeder. I NVR so much as had a singke burnt leaf tip. The entire grow. Mega-Crop works perfectly. And @Gaz29 did you ever get your package or track it down?

    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    Mine landed today and have two new young ones on deck. Will do a pictorial joirnal.

    Gaz29 Well-Known Member

    Cheers for asking @whtyitewidow , NO I haven't had my package yet ( payed p&p on 28th August and), still nothing and even though GLN has charged me for tracked mail- they now tell me that Scotland doesn't have same capacity to track mail as the rest of Britain, apparently we're the same as Ireland.. ha. It's Royal Mail ( all uk ), anyway why pay for tracking if it doesn't work.!?
    I've to wait (still..!) for customs (GLN is sure' they have, I stay 2 minutes from Glasgow international airport and the international P.O. Sorting office, so shoulda had some sort of info from Royal Mail or customs, but it's not updated tracking since September 2 - doesn't say if even left US..
    What can I do- just have to sit and wait as GLN won't budge on a re-send.!
    Anyway thanks for asking bud... happy growing .,

    thewanderer718 Well-Known Member

    Dam bro so sorry to hear that, I hope you get it soon.
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Man I got the big 22lb bag. Hell I'll send us 3 or 4 lbs of it. Private message me. Give me an address. And ill send you some. if I send you some, plus the package that's already lost. Surely one of them would get to you.

    Gaz29 Well-Known Member

    @GreenleafNutrients , it's now 1st of October and I still haven't received any package from you., can you please let me know if you're willing to re-send it to me- I ACTUALLY paid YOU for me "winning your prize ".! If you weren't SO sure that customs had/have it then you should know by now that I should have at least been notified if they'd had it.. you told me 1/2 weeks- this is my fifth week of waiting..!
    Please confirm what you're actually doing regarding this matter..
    i normally would have pm'd you but I'd like a reply other than ' sit tight ' be patient etc..
    I look forward to to hearing from you, kind regards
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    ZeroTrousers Well-Known Member

    No winner this week?
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member

    hi Gaz, that is just how international shipping works, if you didn't receive the package yet, its still processing in your country. We proved that it shipped out with the tracking information to you.

    We offer you a free shipping package when you won, and even offered the 23 pound bag upgrade free, gave you a lot of choices, you decided to upgrade to bigger size and pay only for partial shipping to UK ($12?).

    You have sent many abusive PM's, and are now attack up in public posts attempting to make our company look bad that we scammed you, in order to get another package sent to you for free.

    I'm just going to refund you the $12 partial shipping cost and keep the package and we are good. If you have questions you can comment in PM or email, but please do not comment in this thread again, its just negative post that I am not interested in dealing with.

    That's very generous of you WW, its completely up to you if you want to do so, but the package will just be behind the queue of the original package, also it will cost about $30 to ship the 4lbs to UK.

    winners were announced here!

    Will continue new contest into October. Also, @whytewidow I think we are going to start some type of IG thing this month too, still working out the details, but it will allow people like you who have used the nutes, to post pics and win store credit.

    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Yeah for me to ship two pounds of nutes plus the box to Scotland it was just over 3.1 lbs. Through UPS. They wanted $136.77 to ship. That's ridiculous.

    I'm down for whatever you do on instagram. I think that's a great idea. I have tons of breeders and grow friends on ig. I gave 5lbs of my bag to local buddy. He's running hydro. He loves the nutes. His flowers are top notch. You guys have life long customer here with me. I'll NVR use anything else. Just let me know about IG and what s going on with it. And if you need any help with setting it up just shoot me a dm. Keep up the great work. Mega-Crop is amazing. @GreenleafNutrients
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    Gaz29 Well-Known Member

    Your fu
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    Gaz29 Well-Known Member

    You proved it was in the US postal system- not that it was international nor indeed left your country as last update was 2nd September saying: in transit' , then nada..!
    So I can't track coz you tell me Scotland has not got same computer as the rest of Britain; apparently ours is the SAME as Ireland's. Haha
    Please explain why you can KEEP my package, as you have repeatedly said: British customs must have it..!? You have refunded me and slipped up, now your saying I'm trying to con YOU.. lol.!

    tibim357 New Member

    Grow Colorado! Big bag Please!
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    Gaz29 Well-Known Member

    Answer me this ⬆️ How can you do this when your supposed to have sent it.??

    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member

    To get you to stop harassing us. Now, please do stop.
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    Fuzz1068 Member

    I'm in I use it it's freaking awesome first time grow 4 MSNL bluetooth auto fem started on week 2 with the nuts from Monday ( normal water day ) to Wed grew 1 full set of leaf growth 2.5 grms per gallon of spring water next week 3 grms per gallon 1/2 gram each water until flush using dirt 20180515_053324.jpg

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    Big bag please

    graying.geek Well-Known Member

    Been though 3 grows in soil+organics but thought I'd try out the 1 Kg bag of Megacrop I won in this drawing and do my first run of DWC.

    First, the Megacrop smells like really bad, instant coffee, but, OMG did the plant love it! Just grew 1 x White Widow (Nirvana) in a 4 gal bucket and when the roots hit the nute solution it took off and almost crowded out the 2 clones of the same plant that are in soil. Here's a photo of the colas that are developing on this critter:


    It's hard to get the perspective, but the bigger colas, like the one front and ~center, are 8-10 in. long and 2 in. thick. I am following Greenleaf recommendations and have been adding 20 ml/gal of DIY Big Bud recipe and 3-5 ml/gal Cal-mag with every top-off during flower. and the plant is thriving with very little nute burn.

    Harvest is 2-3 weeks away and I'll post the results, but I'm confident in saying it'll be my most successful run so far, and I've committed to Megacrop by purchasing a big bag to use in my new 30-gal RDWC tank going forward.

    Thanx, Greenleaf. Megacrop is an awesome product. I'm sold!!!
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Very nice! Starting to wish I'd not turned down the bag I won. Hopefully it comes to Canada and I'll buy a bag. Doing OK with my current nutes but it sure looks worth a try.

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