Gorilla Seeds - Unreleased Dr Kripping Seed Giveaway!

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    I like you like we all like
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    Dank for lack of a better word lol I've got a mind'cantrol going, since February 10th I believe I'll have to look at date on pic. But it was smelling good at 30 days. You can smell the diesel and a hint of the g13 skunk it's crazy. 2 distinct smells that I'm loving. I'll post pics
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    i like that hes the only doctor i've ever went to that didn't hurt me somehow
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    I like that this giveaway was over months ago and I didn't realize it
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    Biggest is the mind'cantrol, really enjoying it. It's easy to clone, I had one that was on a table outside, had some rain, It was sitting in a little puddle and damn roots were flowing out the holes in the cup lol I'm kinda at a standstill though I've been keeping it from flowering and thought it was ok to go outside days have been just below 14 hours and they typically don't get much Longer than that. Well she's starting to flower, nicely too. Not sure if I want to reverse it or try some light dep. And let her finish. It would be nice to have some early lol the small ones are 2 r.l. tease (left-hand side) and another mind'cantrol (on right). The Red Leicester Tease seems to have at least 2 phenos as you can see. I've been trying to find more information on that, to no avail. @GorillaSeedBank do you have any information as far as that goes? If not no big deal I can provide the info given a successful grow. Thanks again

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