Glass Selling, Buying & Trading Rules for RIU

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    researchkitty Well-Known Member

    1.) You may buy, sell, trade glass on RIU.

    2.) You may sell individual items, and the actual items for sale. Please include a card with your name on it and the date if you havent sold glass here before, to confirm that you have the item and its a legitimate sale.

    3.) All glass must be spotless. It can be previously admired, but not dirty.

    4.) Buy sell and trade at your own risk. Private deals can not be moderated. Public deals may be. RIU maintains zero responsibility for anything.

    5.) All items paid for or traded must be shipped within 3 business days with a valid tracking number sent to purchaser. Insurance is up to the buyer and seller to offer or include.

    6.) You may not advertise your websites or spam us that you have glass available. (Please send a private message to "rollitup" to become a sponsor!)

    7.) Custom orders are allowed for members that are glassblowers

    8.) You are responsible to ensure that you comply with the law. Dont buy, sell, or trade if its illegal where you are or if you are under the legal age to purchase the item.
    Rules may be updated at any time, your glass moderator is dankshizzle, and the global moderator is rollitup.
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    researchkitty Well-Known Member

    For rule #2 above, this is an example of the card with your name and date on it.


    Note, that this is only required if your a noob here and havent sold glass on the forums before.

    richie2333 Member

    you dont have to actually send the card right?

    method2mymadness Well-Known Member

    No I dnt think so more of proof u really have the piece type thing

    VLRD.Kush Well-Known Member

    exactly. this way others know you just didn't rip a picture offline. I would hate to mail off 500$ to someone for a bad ass bong and come to find out it never existed
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    ZipLife Member

    PB.jpg ]
    i know the rules say i need a card and clean glass, but this is my personal bong, and i was just posting it to see if anyone would buy one, ill make a new one. if anyone is interested let me know and ill make one and upload a pic with a card.
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    oneweed onelove

    oneweed onelove Member

    ^^^ lmfao
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    cannakis Well-Known Member

    so is anyone selling glass?!

    weednurd420 Well-Known Member

    yea this fine piece is FOR

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    cannakis Well-Known Member

    Hahaha seriously!!! Bro please send it my way! Two in one uses!

    weednurd420 Well-Known Member


    GreenStick85 Well-Known Member

    Hah if you go to Mexico, you'll see those everywhere but the material is soapstone. Comes in either pink, white,or smoky, even black. The thing is that I bought a skull carved one and can hardly even smoke it. It gets way too hot. Poor resistance of heat. But I distress this isn't the place to talk about it. Question for the moderator though, is there a location specific for postings
    Killer Vanilla

    Killer Vanilla Well-Known Member

    Would love to buy a glass bong from this site, shame no one ever posted anything in this topic. If any glass blowers are around drop a reply with any glass bongs you have for sale please

    ljak1407 Active Member

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