GF tried to kill my plants (also question abount heavy branches)


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It was only a week. Either just go water for the week, or mix up your nutrients in advance and give detailed fool-proof instructions; AKA "...on this day water each plant this many liters, on this day feed this many liters from the premixed & clearly marked containers that I've left"
It's not your girlfriends fault so if you yelled at her you should go buy her some flowers and say you're sorry. You would have been better off just having her water them with plain water and not expect her to mix up the nutrients. They would have been just fine for a week.

I'd just give them plain water and skip any flushing.

It is what it is. All you can do is turn the page and finish the book.
Nah I didn't yell at her, honestly I'm not even really mad, grow has been pretty much problem free this far so it's not a big deal since nothing died. Gave me something to do when I got home. I just used that as the title and in the OP because it sounds funny and I figured it would draw more attention lol.

She has a green thumb for plants and it wasn't that hard to do, that's why I had her do nutes too, that and they are all like amonth or so away from done and I want them to get all they can before the chop. I already said above though in hindsight should have just stuck to plain water for the week.


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Am I reading this correctly? 3 tablespoons each per gallon, from 3 different bottles? That's 135 mL of nutes in one gallon of water?

As for the branches I'd do whatever is necessary to keep them off of the dirt and not leaning against the walls, other than that it's just cosmetic at this point.


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... So I went out of state for a week and had my GF water my pants, they only needed watering 2 times, nutes once, and she somehow managed to royally fuck them up in that one time even after explaining to her how much nutes to use and even her reading the bottles ...
Man can I ever empathize. A buddy did the same when we went away for about 10 days a year or so ago ... AND I WROTE IT ALL DOWN FOR HIM!

And we will be heading out for 2 weeks soon ourselves - so with nobody trustworthy to tend to the plants, I will be taking cuts and letting them root while we are away for those 14 days. Since I do nothing while cloning, nobody can fuck up cuts under a dome.


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I’d leave her. Cannabis isn’t that hard. You can write down your regimen, have her check PH and PPM, if she follows said notes, it’s easy.

my ole lady is just as good at feeding as I am, and we are neither anything special. It’s just about following the process. Trust the process. It’s not hard.


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A good man always knows his limitations, and should also know his lady's. Give her a break - and get someone else to tend the crop. Then, it'll be on top.