Freeze Drying Bud and Commercial Freeze Dryers

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    Possum1 Well-Known Member

    Very cool. Thanks for running the experiment and taking the time to post. Followed on to read your experiments and adventures. We have similar interests.
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    hd deuce

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    Uncle Reefer

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    sadanimalknight Member

    Between my room and work, the last few weeks have been a sleepless blur. Once everything is hanging or in the freeze drier, I’ll have time to seriously write some stuff.

    As a quick update and teaser, freeze dried nugs retain their size, so everything looks bigger. An oz of FD nugs looks like 2. Cures just like hang dry, smokes good as well.
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    KENTA Well-Known Member

    I live in hawaii where the RH is usually well over 70%. I've always just used curing bags and a small fridge. Just make sure there's nothing else inside the fridge for best results. Easy cheap and perfect for preserving long term as well.

    Freeze drying sounds very interesting. Great thread!
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    Possum1 Well-Known Member

    Still following along. Very interested in the dry/ cure aspect. So from green chop straight into dryer gets similar results; or chop, hang dry, freeze dry?

    Raudhbjorn Member

    So freeze drying does not replace hang drying, and it doesn't replace curing? Then what's the point? Am I missing something or is this just a $1200 way to chop 4 days off your hang time?

    CoolerAltec New Member

    Ive been wondering about this too - thanks for sharing.

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    cold means a lot when it comes to taste,, and preserving it. :cool:

    Realbax Active Member

    What were your final results? Would a small freezer with a vacuum chamber in it produce similar results? The entire curing time would be cut to more like 2-3 weeks rather than 6-8 weeks correct?

    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    So I got turned on to doing something like Ed Rosenthal's frost-free freezer curing method a while back and I can say that I love it. I picked the freezer up from craigslist for about 100 bucks like 6 years ago. this method is much more practical in my lifestyle. Here's my tek:

    1) Chop herb upon desired ripening, trim fan leaves, wash and hang to dry for 5-7 days with an oscillating fan blowing across them on low.

    If I'm going to trim the sugar leaves, i do it either immediately at harvest, or before the next step:

    2) Lay (in a cardboard box lined with wax paper) or hang (depends on how much is in my freezer and how much herb there is to cure) the slightly dried bud in my FROST FREE freezer.

    3) Leave herb there for 21-28 days. Remove and let come to room temperature (20-22C/68-72F). (if they were hanging, I prepare a cardboard box with wax paper to place them in for this resting period).

    4) Clip into nuggets and store in dark glass jars in a cool dark place.

    Sneak back into room, open up jars and delight in the fantastic terpene profiles, giggling like a small child with joy :leaf:

    5) Open jars between 6 and 8 hours later to check their smell, to ensure proper cure has been achieved.

    this should keep for up to two years if its reached its proper cure. And, no trichomes are lost, so long as you handle them with care while they're in their frozen state.

    Note: if the buds aren't perfectly cured in the 21-28 day window, you may end up having to burp them in the jar once or twice, but generally, as with all things, once you get the hang of it, you hardly ever have to take that step.

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