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    a few of us asked this in another thread and got no answer so i'll make a specific thread.

    presently growing lowryder #1 in FF-OF soil and using FF-GB. left it nut-free for the first 2 weeks and now feeding half serving 1 time per week. i'm expecting it to flower very soon so i need to know what to do. im concerned that these strains might not benefit from the one-size-fits-all FF schedule. for instance some say to avoid tiger bloom. also in the regular schedule has you skip a feeding on the 4th week. well what does that translate to? does it even matter?

    now please before anyone tells me (us) about the schedule at their website, keep in mind that this is an autoflowing strain. there is no vegetative state and only a 2 month life cycle. we're not interested in guesses. however if you are experienced in getting the most out of your autoflowering plants and use FF nutrients, please oh please share your wisdom.

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    hmm good question... I use foxfarm but ive never grown a auto strain so I probly wouldnt be much help :(

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    Thnx for making the Thread PVS

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    you're welcome

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    Jw is tht a weasel or a ferret??

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    its a ferret

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    wow, really?

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    i say just do the flowering side of there schedule but idk. on the subject has anyone ever used the fox farms feeding schedule? what were the results?

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    Id use veg nutes till you start seeing signs of it flowering then switch over to bloom nutes..imo..thats what i would do.. Start out light n work ur way up

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    Thats what Ill be doing since all my girls been getting only water , they havent even had any nutes yet. There 20days old right now and looking pretty. Ill take some pics next time I goto my buddies since hes watching them 24/7 for me :)

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    As you grow out your own autos you will see that they need a specific treatment from one strain to the next, even one pheno to the next. As we know autos are not real stable at this time but are getting close to it. I see this happening in the near future though.

    So if you would like to super charge your autos this is what I do. But remember that this is my feed schedule to my conditions as well as soil amendments. SO if you know you have a hot soil ease up on the mix to make sure you dont burn and if your soil is plain compo you can get a little brave but less is more here.

    The back of most of the FF bottles say 2teaspoons for regular feed and 3 for heavy feeding. I never use the 3teaspoon regimen. 2tsp is ideal for a 1/4 part break down.

    1 pH water only

    1.5 add in Big Bloom to the mix at 1/2 tea spoon

    2 1/2tsp Grow Big 1/2 tsp Big Bloom

    2.5 3/4 tsp of grow big

    3 1tsp grow big and 1/2 Tiger bloom 1/2 tea spoon Big Bloom

    3.5 1/2 tsp Grow Big 1/2tsp Tiger bloom

    4 1tsp Tiger bloom 1/2 tsp Grow Big

    4.5 Clean pH'ed water to clear out salt build up

    5 2tsp tiger bloom 1/2 grow big

    5.5 1 Teaspoon Grow Big

    6 Begin Flush for the final weeks. At this point i can flush for a week before i begin to see yellowing of the fans.

    I like to leave enough time to get all the salts out of there before the harvest. This stuff WILL salt up on you and cause build up and lock out.

    Hope this helps some of you out there and remember this may vary to your application. This is just MY feed schedule.

    I got this off a auto flower forum

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    Although autoflowering plants do not need too much nutrients, they consume a certain amount of growing fertilizer, and also blooming fertilizer. The best option is to use a good quality substrate (that ensures nutrients for early stages of plants), and then, after 15-20 days, start feeding plants with a low dose of growing nutrients, and rise the dose while the weeks pass by (this will keep the plants green and healthy). We should keep the growing fertilizer at least until the first pistils appear and then change it for a flowering fertilizer (we can also use both together along first weeks of flowering if needed). A good tip is to add a good bloom stimulator to plant's schedule. This kind of booster increases flower formation, and derives in thicker buds when harvesting.

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    when mixing ur Nutes for Autoflowers... ONLY use 1/4 strength of a regular plants dosage.
    So if it calls for 2 teaspoons, use 1/2 teaspoon
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