First time grower - need some advice.


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Hi guys,

First time growing. I've got 5 autoflower girls growing outdoors in 30L fabric pots. I used some premium potting mix (60% approx.) to a 70/30 coco perlite blend (40% approx). I germinated directly in the pots and didn't provide nutes for first 2 weeks. From week 3-5 I gave veg nutes once a week and also a seasol mixture once or twice on an alternate cycle. I have also been giving them silica with every water and feed.

From week 5 I started flowering nutes. I realise I should probably have waited another week or so but to be honest I kind of need them to finish asap so I am not too worried about that mistake

Gorilla glue, Northern Lights, White Widow, Black Cream and Strawberry Cheesecake are the strains and according to the strain guide they range from 8-12 weeks seed to harvest.

Theyre about 6 weeks old give or take a day or two.

I topped the WW (top node only -I was a bit nervous) which responded really well, and the rest of them I have just done LST. The NL seemed stunted for the first couple of weeks but has since caught up and is nice and bushy although I have only just started noticing crystals forming.

Interestingly the SC didn't really respond to the LST and only has one main cola and another smaller branch. the rest of them are nice and bushy with lots of tops.

So that's the back ground. So far so good. I know I have made a few mistakes here and there but overall happy enough with progress.

My main issue is I am noticing some spots (on all plants) and yellowing of leaves on the WW. I am assuming the spots are the insects. I also noticed that a couple of the plants the bottom fan leaves curled up, went brown, dry and died. I forget which plant that was though - it was about a week or two ago.

As I mentioned the other plants also have a little bit of spotting which I suspect is some kind of insect, but the WW is showing the most signs of it and also some yellowing of tips, but only on a couple of leaves.

My plan is to get some neem oil and treat them. I turned over a few leaves and for sure noticed some kind of white/yellow bug - but not too many.

I really have no idea what the yellowing is! Am I overfeeding? Underfeeding? I will be honest and say we had a lot of rain about a week ago so once the pots had dried out I fed them with a good dose of nutrients assuming that the rain would have flushed the nutes out. I have also increased the frequency of feeding - probably my mistake here I am guessing!

My recent feedings:
Sun 23rd - 10ml/L monsta grow
Rained a lot.
Wed 26th - 5ml/L monsta bud (week 5 started flowering nutes)
Sat 29th - 8ml/L monsta bud
tue 3rd - 3ml/L seasol

Sorry for the essay. Would appreciate any feedback and advice. The images are the white widow. Will post further pics later of the other girls to see how you guys think they are travelling! Cheers.



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Here are the rest of the pictures.

First one is the NL. Second one is the Gorilla Glue, Third one is the Black Cream and the last picture is the Strawberry cheesecake.

I was also wondering if:

1. I should start to taper off the silica now they are all in flower?
2. Whats the next step in encouraging the bud growth/tightness at this stage?




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Hope I'm not breaking the forum rules.. But bump! Really need some advice on the pale green /yellowing leaves in pics. Thanks in advance


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Growing outdoors is a whole different set of issues that I haven't read up on. There is a whole sub-forum here dedicated to outdoor grows. Maybe start this thread over there? You may find helpful advise.