First grow setup. I have questions!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Lackasham, Feb 5, 2018.


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    I'm trying to find space somewhere else but there isn't much to work with. I do agree though
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    Ok after some suggestions and research i have altered my set up quite a bit. Ive decided on a qb 288 for lighting. 4 panels, 2 at 4000k and 2 at 3000k (can't find 2700) I've decided to scrap the ebb and flow idea in favor of coco. I think an 8 plant scrog may be better than a sog set up as well. Thermal boarding, good vent fan for exhaust, multiple intakes running ice chest ac when neccesary. Ill vent off some ac into the area as well. Lots of fans inside the grow and probably a dehumidifier. I want to get started soon so I won't have to run all through summer. Thanks for anyone who has helped me out thus far and any more input is appreciated!
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    If you are in a 4x4 space I think you could do a 4 plant 4x4 scrog and fill it well.
    Good luck on you grow Bud!


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    I may do that. I will definitely be back with more questions after i get everything in and constructed here in the next month but i wanted to get a solid idea of where I was heading. Thank you for your help! Also, noob question here but I can't seem to find where to like others posts!
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    I applied the likes to help you achieve your like button.

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    Most on here are willing to lend a hand. I would as you think each phase of your project out, pass it by the group. Wish I had, I have spent so much money uselessly, I could set up a used equipment shop. :)
    You can get some ideas from journals, go to that forum, and in the search box put in your issue, ie. nute question, pruning etc., also get ideas of how you want to set up your grow. Believe me, it has been tried before, you just have to find the post to find out if it work or not.


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