First grow need some help please

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    Hi so this is my first time growing, have had a few issues so far and have managed to overcome them fungus gnats being the most annoying one, however I am not sure what is happening now a couple tops have really been struggling leaves curling, browning around the edges and dying they feel really dry to the touch as well does anyone know what is wrong with them, there is some red/purple lines going through the stems and the odd yellow spots around assuming that is mag deficiency and have been treating but I don't know what the other problems are, any help greatly appreciated thanks :)

    also for those wondering I am using biobizz all mix feed with bio grow only at the moment and some cal mag
    1ml/L bio grow and 2ml/L cal mag usually feed every 2-3 days half a litre at a time using and 8L fabric pot

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    Hugo Phurst

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    Nute burn

    Good luck

    wickedways05 Active Member

    thank you

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    Yea bro to much nutes.. try flushing her with water next few feedings then go back to the nutes at half strength

    wickedways05 Active Member

    Thanks for the help dude, I have been feeding with just water and some cal mag the last 5 days so and shes looking a bit better

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