[F] Week 8 Day 3 - When to start flushing?

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    First I'm sorry if in wrong section.

    I'm new to here and first time grower.

    I'm growing indoors cupboard setup, I'm not 100% Super when to start flushing.

    They had Nitrogen Definitely and nutrient burn but was solved.

    Strain: Trainwreck Feminised
    Light: 600w HPS
    Pot Sizes: 1x 9L / 2x 1L
    Soil: Biobizz Allmix
    AVS: Big Bud (Done)
    Nutes: Acti-Vera, Bio-Heaven, Top-Max, Bio - Bloom, Bio - Grow

    About 3-4 days ago the plant on the left was pointing straight and today I was leaning to the side, so I'm guessing buds are getting fatter as they feel harder, bigger and more orange hairs.


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    You can try and get anything built up in soil out, but most say flushing is a myth at this point...

    Personally, I stop feeding around finish week per breeder, run a gal of h2o through each and water straight h2o for the next one or two left. This (in my opinion) prevents the plant from feeding on nutes and you will see leaves start to yellow as the buds feed from them.
    I also let soil get good and dry, and run 24 hours of dark day before drying.
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    So run gal of h2o water per plant for the next 2 weeks then leave in dark 24hrs before u cut to hang up or u mean when ur drying your buds?

    JackStraw74 Well-Known Member

    Prior to more information being available regarding plants and how they feed etc, "flushing" would be done approx 10 days prior to cutting, the recommended then was your pot size or more, so a 3 gal pot = 3 gal h2o flush min, some would do 2 to 3x that.

    Personally, I do 1 gal h2o approx 10 days prior to cutting just to break up anything built up in the soil.
    Then I will feed straight water when they look droopy until I see amber trichs, may be 7 days, may be 14. I just wait to see amber. Once I see amber, I turn off light and let them stay for 24 hours in dark, then I cut and trim/dry/cure.

    I've never done the old style traditional flushing. Ive never had crackling buds or back ash..

    I use the info here - https://www.rollitup.org/t/harvest-time-a-tutorial.28072/
    Also I go with the sticky for "A Perfect Cure" in the same forum section...
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    That's man for all the good Information.

    I'm not sure where to get hold of h2o water I'm uk but they have about 10 days left so ill start to flush with water but will leave in dark for 24 hours before cutting and drying and will look into the curing method

    Thanks alot

    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    H2O is water. :joint:
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    In my opinion that plant has a long way to go, i would still be feeding it.
    Just my .02
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    I agree with charfac. Feed a bit more then switch to water only. Imo forget volume. Feed plain water until watered and continue until ready. No need to measure.
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    Yeah that plant definitely needs more time. It's very sativa dom. All white pistols, trichs still have a clear glisten to them, I just had a plant like that, at 12 weeks it still needed atleast a couple weeks but it got chopped at that point. I'd be willing to bet 3 weeks at the very minimum.
    What bank did this trainwreck come from?
    Ultimately you have to watch the trichomes, when a small percentage begins to turn amber they're done. I prefer 10% amber give or take.

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