Do you guys approve this harvest?

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    Alex77145 Member

    Ok, so on the tops in some places it does look about 90% milky.
    What I am worried about is that the sugar leaves on 3 of the tops are turning yellowish on the edges. It's hard to see in the pics, but yeah.
    Also there is some new growth on the very top and sides.
    I tried to capture the yellowing in the first pics.
    Also the tops are starting to look kinda crispy, is that OK?

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    Raven121415 Well-Known Member

    I am sure you have already harvested by now, but good job! That yellowing looked like possible nute burn. Hope you were happy with the results!

    BleedsGreen Well-Known Member

    Nice job, that yellowing at the end won't disturb you nearly as much on your next adventure :D

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    Next grow try not removing any foliage unless it's too close to the soil , otherwise only picking off dying leaves (using that as a feeding gauge)
    I think 60 days veg approx is way too long. I would expect that from a 30day old plant in that stage of flower.

    Removing fan leaves is very contradicting to production
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    Dan Drews

    Dan Drews Well-Known Member

    The key indicator you have (or had) that was making it clear they weren't ready yet was all the straight white hairs. If you chose to cut 2 weeks ago and you now have bud that smell like hay, it's a further indicator you cut too soon.

    Alex77145 Member

    Yeah, I just followed the instructions on manifolding and did that. Also, didn't really know what my grow lights were capable of, so they got too long, did have to cut off some of the lower branches. Also, I guess that OG Kush isn't the highest yielding strain, so...
    But yeah, this is my first real from start to finish indoor and autoperiod grow, so I am just experimenting.
    Will cut down the Sour Diesel, dry it and see what my final yield is on a 180watt light. Also, at the end of the grow, I noticed that it's intensity wasn't turned up all the way ;( So more like 160watt grow.

    I will grow 2 autoflowers next, because I will be away, and won't enough time that photos require.

    But after that I think I will grow 3 plants, same strain to test of the defoliation and flushing, and all that.

    Alex77145 Member

    Harvested 2 days ago, will report on the effects when dry.
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    Alex77145 Member

    Good think I let it go for longer, cut them a day ago. Will report on the product when dry
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    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    Thats a nice plant, top grow for a 1st real grow, looks like a pro grew it

    Alex77145 Member

    Thank you very much!

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