desensitization with cannabis from other allergies?

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    So i have been allergic my whole life to birch tree pollen, i started to smoke weed heavily in 6months ago and i have been smoking for past 2-years but not so much as now. So i used to get these reflexes that my nose starts to itch and eyes start to bleed water when i crush my cannabis (same things as in birch tree allergy).

    But to the topic :D

    This year i havent ate any pills for it as now is the season in Finland when birch trees start to flowering and my friends all over me tell how bad is it this year and people with same allergy really wants to stay indoors.

    So I've been thinking could i have been ''desensitizationed'' from that allergy with weed? I got those allergic reactions only when im rolling the bud, hash isnt the same. So now i havent have any allergic reactions this year to birch tree flowering.

    (i dont get those reactions anymore rolling, when i started to smoke weed it was really annoying but after rolling almost everyday for 6months i dont have any of that anymore, neither do i have allergy on birch trees.

    I havent found any research about that.

    (sry for prolly bad text and english)

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    It's most likely that your allergies changed. I've seen it before with people I know. They look and feel pretty bad for years in the spring, and then one year it's gone.
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    Yup. I grew out of my asthma.

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