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Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by Kenny Grows, Dec 6, 2017.

    Kenny Grows

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    This is still my first grow-ish. I grew 3 bag seeds but figured out 2 weeks into flower they were all dudes. So i've been here before with regular photo seeds. But these autos are looking weird. They both sprouted Nov-18th.
    Green Crack 20171206_084047.jpg 20171206_084116.jpg
    Purple Skunk 20171206_084003.jpg 20171206_084034.jpg

    justugh Well-Known Member

    hey man

    the plants are fine the trouble is they are not getting enough food (the roots they have right now are not enough to uptake from the hydro system )

    auto plants are complete different beast then photo
    photos have time as u control the veggie stage are 100% feed based plant with a mind of own

    general hydroponics water farm drip ring

    this is run off a air pump the bubbles of air force water up and it comes out of the ring (the ring can be made smaller or larger but changing the tube or cutting it make the holes just use a wire clothes hanger and a lighter ).......personal exp i like to keep it low near the beads as the air makes the water splash .......ideally u want the water to flow near the root mass to help it grow down into the water .....once it is in the water u do not need to use it(it just really helps the plant get the food it wants and grow into the water so it can access the full goodness)

    the other thing i share with all growers is Rapid start
    this is the best root compound i have found in 6 years of experiments does cost but the results are better then anything else on the market

    ok u are hydro auto ........if u like i can tell u how to make a monster plant ( please under stand if i do the monster plant will be your master and u her bitch until u cut it ) it is just how it is for a monster auto plant in hydro
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    Kenny Grows

    Kenny Grows Active Member

    Please tell me how to grow this monster auto. I'm up for any suggestions, plus I have a few more auto seeds.

    justugh Well-Known Member

    ok but rem u asked for this
    that water ring i showed u .......u need it
    5 gallon black DWC bucket
    large hydro basket lid
    on the side there is a drain to waste feed ( fallow it ) by week 3 or 4 u will be off plan u will have to make up your own
    (cool bloom /kool bloom do not use this on autos it does not react well with the plant )
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