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    This is a Marijuana DIY Deep Water Culture set up ready to go. This DWC was made to start my learning process of growing Cannabis Hydroponically. I want to share all my experiences with all of you on my way to becoming a Grow Master. Please leave me a comment and any ideas or advice you can give me, and like always hit that like button and subscribe!

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    Good luck bro! Those heat mats are deadly, be careful!

    Antitheist Well-Known Member

    First grow and hydro? You seem like a smart guy. You might be able to pull it off. Good luck man. Liked and subbed
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    Welcome to RIU

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    I'm thinking the same right now I woke up this morning and all most all the water was evaporated, but I think I'll keep using it and adding extra water from time to time. Keep up with my grow by SUBSCRIBING to my YouTube Channel. Hope all is well and like always let's grow together!

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    Yeah I want to get the Difficult part out the way learning Hydro 1st, I'm not the best but with people just like you giving me the support & advice. It gets me one step closer to my Goal to one day become a Grow Master. Thanks for liking the video and subbing you're AMAZING hope all is well!

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    Thank you for opening me up to the community hopefully we can all become a huge family. If you do have the time and what to keep up with my "Road To Becoming a Grow Master" hit the subscribe button on my channel to keep you updated with all my projects. It's a pleasure talking to you and like always let's grow together!

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    Honestly, I've always found hydro easier. Check PH. Check PPM. Check temperature. Follow feeding directions. Put enough oxygen in the water. No other guess work! With soil, I find myself always wondering what's going on that I can't see or control! With hydro, if anything starts to look wonky... I add a little peroxide to sterilize, then 24 hours later I change the reservoir... and boom - it's like brand new.

    I know others disagree and find soil less stressful and I respect that too. But for me I like the science aspect of hydro. Everything can be measured and controlled. If you keep all the numbers within the guidelines... you get great yields.

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