decarbing for cannabutter necessary?

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    keep asking those questions @MichiganMedGrower they are the questions everyone should ask..

    heating oil over 235 F for longer than 15 mins will see the THC degrade... higher than 300 and it burns...
    hope this helps
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    Not a problem, hopefully I didn't come across as hostile to you. Just trying to clarify some info here.

    Oven decarbing on a cookie sheet is perfectly fine for most edibles. There's a few reasons I use an oil bath (or more recently I've been playing with a lab hotplate that has a magnetic stirrer): My main reason is because I use my oil to make both capsules to be taken like regular meds, and to make vape oil. I make both from the same extraction, but because the vape oil doesn't get decarbed, I do my decarbing after the extraction is done to avoid having to do two separate runs.

    My second reason is because the hot plate or oil bath simply has better temperature control, and in the case of the oil bath, its mass helps hold the set temp. If I am making a butter, I would just decarb the flower on a cookie sheet as you suggested. I don't make a lot of edibles that require baking afterwards, but consider that even if your oven is set to 350, the material won't reach that temp, especially not in the short amount of time it gets cooked for most baked goods.

    This is also not true. I decarb my oil at 250F for around 25 minutes with no problem. I would say it would start degrading after 15min if you were at around ~270F. Most people that bake on a cookie sheet do 235-240 for like 30 min with great results.

    Keep in mind, if decarbing an extract you can monitor the CO2 bubbles as well as a secondary measurement to time.
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    Thank you for explaining all that. :-)

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    Ive heard about this decarbing and have ate plain ole weed and decarbinized, cant tell the difference at all. I never smoke or vape due to a severe tobacco smoking habit years ago, even the sight of smoke makes me sick. Dabs are a different..When i consume a dab i dilute it with a small bit of alcohol because if i don't the high could creep up hours later when you least expect it. With dabs its quick and hard even on a cracker. With plain ole weed i weigh up 1 gram and chew it up real good mixed in with a cracker, chips, or whatever is available. After i consume the gram of weed I get a quick buzz a few minutes in then slowly goes away till about an hour later then it hits hard for about two to four hours. Never fails
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    Excellent discussion folks, exposing the fundamental lack of definitive data on this subject. Even the majority of med trials rely on smoked pre rolled joints. As a canna coco med practitioner I can only agree with virtually everything that has been said on this thread, including all the apparent contradictory points. This in and of itself raises some important issues here, firstly the contradiction between psychoactivity and medicinal efficacy, these seem not to be remotely connected for the vast majority of medical indications. My suspicion is that we need to differentiate between conditions of inflammation and conditions of neural regulation, the latter seemingly intrinsically connected to psychoactivity the former seemingly entirely unconnected. Cancer can be viewed as an inflammatory condition with neurological regulation complications, for this reason I advise a full spectrum tincture with both thca and thc but for the vast majority of every day symptoms a mildly active tincture will allow far higher cannabinoid doses to be consumed while maintaining a decent quality of life, most folks are not prepared to swap pain free arthritis for being couchlocked all day every day. Its definitely a matter for deep discussion here, I hope this thread can get stickied as it is vital we arrive at some sort of consensus as the factual info out there is sparse, misleading and often badly biased by who commissioned it and why.
    I personally control my temporal lobe epilepsy with vast amounts of smoked organic weed with the highest thc i can achieve, this is entirely contrary to every medical study I have read, which all point to cbd being best for my condition. Tried it and it just gives me massive stomach cramps and leaves me feeling very odd, so horses for courses, we are all entirely unique and no single answer will suffice.
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    Re: eating raw weed, dry or not, I think it affects everyone different.
    Our digestive processes and metabolisms are all different.
    Some will feel the effects of non decarbed weed, others won't.
    I believe everyone will feel the effect of decarbed weed however, just to varying degrees depending on our own bodies.
    A friends dog once accidentally "procured" a joint from a coffee table. French bulldog. Kind of small. We didn't realize until later in the evening when we went back downstairs to smoke and found the pooch unable to climb the stairs and the joint missing.
    Concerned, he called the vet emergency number.
    The doc told us not to worry, get him some McDonalds and put him in front of the TV.
    So the dog felt the effects of raw weed. Not human, but definitely different digestive system.

    I make clarified butter using decarbed full buds, gently broken up. 1 oz per 1 lb.
    The extra 30 mins ensures you activate the medicine. Worth the extra step.

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    May I ask what temperature you use for the 30 min. I am convinced to try next time.
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    My tabletop Cuisinart convection oven has 25 degree increments.
    I use 225.

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    Thank you.

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