Craziest places you have found weed...


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2 times. I was walking down the street in the Delmar loop and what did I see but a lid in a bush right next to the sidewalk.
The other time I was walking to school and found a pot plant growing out of the sidewalk. It was all of 8" tall in full flower.


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In the crack of a rockface while cliff climbing I found a pill bottle with two joints, a small nug and a few papers. Smoked one joint then and there about 50ft up. Also for some weird reason almost every time I do shrooms I will find weed in thrown out pack of smokes.


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back in like 2001 in my beerman delivery days ,there was a bar called the carousel lounge next to kennywood park. well one delivery, the cook i would puff bud with was like dave check this out. walked over to the dumpster to smoke and he showed me the plant, was a 4ft tall female plant growing behind a dumpster, growing perfectly fine in dumpster sludge/juice and it was a gravel parking lot. just shows that weed plants grow easy


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Vacation rental by owner. Virtually the same thing as an Airbnb.

Usually more expensive than renting one hotel room but if you find yourself needing more than one, like traveling with a group, they are great options and offer a superior experience/convenience IMHO...kitchens, washers and dryers and an added level of privacy.
We've always used Airbnb only two times?? Once the Host was staying in the house. Very Awkward. Then one time we was literally couple hours from the rental and something came up they couldn't rent.

conor c

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Found a bit of Moroccan hash in a cigarette packet like 3 qs or so right outside a police station at a bus stop many moons ago i did think maybe they got para and dumped it there cos of the pigs then again they could have just as easily have dropped it


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One more Delmar loop story. We had just scored 100 hits of purple mescaline.
5 of us were walking down the sidewalk tripping our balls off when a guy on a motorcycle stops right next to us and hands us a lit joint and then just drives off without saying a word.


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I sold a wood cutting bandsaw to the company I worker for. I hadn't cleaned the sawdust out of it for a long time. When I opened it up, bigger than life, MY LOST STASH!!!

Try to explain that one away. I just told them I should have opened it when I bought it.


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one cycle I hermied my room and the weed got seeded , we’ll back in the day we would dry the cannabis on racks instead of lines (blah)

well turns out mice/rats like seeds and also make cannabis flower into sleeping beds/houses, reason I say this years later I had to cut a hole in my inner grow room room ceiling and bam a mice nest that’s 100% flower lolz . same time cycle I had to cut another square hole for ducting. Bam another weed nest/stash from mice. Wtf how much did they steal lol

another gross and funny part is if they def do that than those mice def were all over that weed when drying and that means everyone who consumed def smoked weed with bonus of mice treated . it wasn’t like a lil bit of weed ethier cause those nest and when i put my hand above hole.. buds! Was I lucky to find so much flower in each ducting hole I made or they stole a bunch? My guess a bunch

I also wanted to have ona gel for odor control so I put that gel in some jars and put ‘em around the house. Well after I used it u[ I put the jars in storage not thinking of it, well harvests later I put my trimmed and cured in those jars(luckily only 2 small jars ) to on mistake. It made the weed in that perm ona gel smelling and also tasted like it. I only took one puff and knew what it was lol

bad part was I didn’t know this till after I sold it or gifted it to others and the two people who got those jars funny enough said it was best smelling weed they ever had and their wife’s said (funny how both wifes said this) thay it was “best smelling and tasting weed” ever… lol

yeah I won’t tell anyone (locally ) about that ona gel mistake or mice stealing my buds and than everyone smoking it hahaha